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I bought milady a set of Hunters last Christmas. Even though they're pink, I'm jealous every time I walk in the front door.

Way too late in life, I've recently started using Gold Bond on my balls.

It is fucking awesome.
Patagucci with the aluminum bar things. Worth the money.. had them for a few years now, great fucking boot.
If I only had common sense that I am not so indestructible I wouldn't fall so much, meaning its me and not the boot.
CE do not use the gold bond medicated , I know about these things.
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By RaZ
is there a company in the "industry" that doesn't come out w the latest and greatest every year?
dont hate one, unless you are going to hate them all. SIMMS waders for $800.
When the BOA laces finally broke on my work Boots
I looked at the instructions on the replacement laces,
laughed, then binned them and duct taped my boots for weeks.

The BOAs on my Korkers have never worked. So I duct tape that shit too.

Lately if Raffa endorses something, I actually consider buying.
So... Yeah... This thread is ghey.
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Don't trust me on vehicles....I have a poor track record.

Confession: I had to read Blump's comment above 4 times to make sure he wasn't making fun of me.......and I'm still only 50/50 certain he isn't.

I wet waded in crocs for 5 years......ask Greenback. I also hiked 3 miles in them in RMNP before wet wading with the Drake guys. I wouldn't recommend it now.

My final thought and recommendation: buy a fucking Stihl chainsaw(or Husky as a second option) when you are considering getting one. There is really no other

Stihl has more certified service dealers around than Husqvarna(who really doesn't have any in my neck of the woods). Husky makes a comparable saw, to be honest, but the dealer thing pushes Stihl over(and they sell Husqvarna at fucking Lowes). It won't break, but it makes it easier to get chains/sprocket oil/bars/etc.

Wood Boss.jpg
Wood Boss.jpg (38.75 KiB) Viewed 691 times

Mine(stock photo)....MS270C Wood Boss. all original aside from fuel filter, 12 years old. 4 chains in rotation. Buyers tip - white handle (like the one above) - professional series. Orange handle - homeowner series. Buy the white handles, although the homeowner ones are still better than any other saw. I know more about chainsaws than anything else, I think......just love cutting wood.

I figured this was a good place to post this.....being the so much gay thread and all.
Buying a Stihl saw in a few weeks. I sure hope you're right. I'm gonna cut all the things
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100% confident......over 100%.

Heard a story of a guy who was hiking through the woods near his house, and he came across a Stihl lying there. It was out there for a long time.....years. He took it home and changed the fuel and chain oil, greased the chain sprocket, and it fired right up. Things are bombproof. The only time I have ever not been able to start mine was after I lended it to a neighbor. As I handed it to him, I said "Let me show you how to start this", knowing it is a few pulls with full choke until you hear it burp, then on partial choke, and if you go over by even one pull, it floods the carb.

He assured me he has cut wood all his life with Stihls, so I didn't press it any further. About a 1/2 hour later, I saw the fucker up the hill....screwdrivers and wrenches, and hunched over the saw. He returned it to me, saying there was something wrong with it, and it wouldn't start no matter what I did to try to fix it. A $50 tune up made everything right, but I will never lend it out again.

Slapshot: One word of advice. When you buy your Stihl, get a tube of high temp (needle)bearing grease (about $10). The sprocket on the saw has a small plastic and metal bearing:

Stihl Bearing.jpg
Stihl Bearing.jpg (3.38 KiB) Viewed 677 times

This may seem like a cheap part, but it is designed to fail to prevent worse damage if it burns out.

You can pop off the sprocket cover by removing the snap ring at the top of the nipple, remove that bearing, and put that grease on the needle. You need to do this about every 3-4 chain changes. You can tell when it is ready by hand spinning the sprocket, if it sounds rough, grease it.
we have 6 Stihl saws and every blower weed eater and pole saw are Stihl, i wont buy anything else for my business, they run great until somebody runs the damn things without mixing fuel or running them without bar oil
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