All threads that bitch about new, existing, or old members will be posted/relocated here. Keep this shit off the General forum, because no one wants (or cares) to hear your opinions. Now go back to the other forums and post something worthy of reading.
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The splitter actually came with the house; sellers moved to Fla. But man, it makes things so efficient.
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Actually, geography is a solid strong point.....I have a semi photographic memory in regards to places and how to get to them, especially strip clubs.

Kidding(about strip clubs, not the geography thing....I have never been lost, even in deep eastern woods).

I never got the strip club thing, like going somewhere to watch beer being poured, and you pay more to have beer poured inches from your face, but when you try to drink it, they giggle and say "No, no, bad boy".....fucking waste of time.

Downtown Julie Brownsville, I love that setup, and fantasize daily about saying "fuck it", and trying to make it on my own (with the stupid family in tow) any rate, I love that cooking fucking Kazahkstan racist.
Raffa, i've seen you lost in a wide open prarie...

The irony of you admitting disdain for being in a room with naked wimminz in the gay thread.

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Woolybug25 wrote:Raffa, i've seen you lost in a wide open prarie...

The irony of you admitting disdain for being in a room with naked wimminz in the gay thread.

It is absolutely amazing how a three day trip in 2011 with some stoners formed so many concrete opinions on who I am/was. It makes me feel like a, thanks. The word "disappointed" was even used to describe my presence on that trip in a PM to me, which is hilarious on its own....there was actually an expectation for a guy from New Jersey who draws dicks online, which was not met.....or maybe it was.

Back to photographic mammaries:

1. I used to teach orienteering, for 3 years, in fact. Woods of PA, not this Colorado BS open territory.
2. I can't remember the rest of my points.....but strip clubs are a waste of time and money. Not backing down on that one.
I would have to sit down and seriously work out that it was 2011... and if you held a gun to my head I wouldn't have been able to tell you the duration was three days.

I refuse to believe that we had that much of an effect on you, sook.

ps. it felt longer, hey. no offence.

speaking of gay and time... where's my fucking parcel, homo?

even my kids think you're full of shit.
and that was before I showed them your dick pictures. <kind of statement that gets you arrested.
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I look at the shit I plan on sending you daily, swear. I keep telling myself "when I get past this small spot of being strapped", then I order another fly reel or rod.......and I realize it has nothing to do with being strapped for cash, it's just laziness with an excuse tacked on the end so I (falsely) look like I am grinding it out, and just don't have the wonga or time.....I have plenty of both.

2 weeks, seppo. As much of a twat as I am, that shit all still has your name on it......I do owe you......of all fucking people.

Truth is, if a hundred or several prevented me from anything, I wouldn't have accumulated all of this useless shit over the past year(s), and would just buck up and spend the $40 to send you shit that means nothing to me, like anything vintage in regards to fly fishing.....useless.
Geez... I was just making a joke. Relax, Taz... we've met more than once, btw...

But I don't trust straight dudes that don't like looking at tits. Just sayin'...

Send Mitch his post already, ya lying bastard.
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That's what it's about. :cool

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