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That is true, and I was mostly reserved and polite at the Tailwater was because I wasn't smoking pot (and don't anymore). When I mix the pot and alcohol together, I become a slobbering wreck......although I like the feeling.
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I gotta agree with me nothing is gheyer than a bunch of guys together watching a bunch of girls all in one room.

Now if it was just me and the girls, that'd be different...but that's not a strip club....that's an orgy. :cheer
[quote="RFA"]Actually, geography is a solid strong point.....quote]

Oh dear, lost again.

The last two photos are of a finca near Topes de Collantes. [You might be able to sneak in through Mexico, but you won't want the stamp on your passport].



{No offence}

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Maricon? Vete a la chingada, cabron.

I actually planned on sneaking in through Mexico, but my assignment was ended early....due to good performance, not bad. It ranks #2 on my list(behind Buenos Aires) on places I need to visit. Concentrated on Soviet and Latin American politics for my BA.

Also, the Cubes have gotten wise, they will stamp a piece of paper that you can keep in your passport......not the passport itself.

No offense, but fuck your mother.
gay fun.
or 'fun gay' depending on where you're from.

complete kits. stolen photos (no offence).

box1.jpg (128.81 KiB) Viewed 1026 times
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I'm trying to get my hands on one of them blue fiberglass rods. Car parts seem to get in the way.
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I've got a 10 1/2 ft James Green glass 2h blank to build this winter. GreenHammer?
Epic is fast glass. quite popular for some. buy one, you will like it.
Horn_Identity wrote:I had a pair of korky once, didn't last a season. I never changed the bottom, too lazy to do that. Don't think I'd buy it again, it's a cheap toy. :coffee
my el cheapo $20 walmart wade boots lasted 4 yrs. my korksuckers last one summer.

they're shit
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