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I took a bus to the Keys from Miami, mate.....and it was the single most terrifying morning of my life, strewth, aside from when Thalweg dropped me off in Hialeah at 1AM when the trains weren't running.


England (London included...smelled like dirty carpenters and stale history)
Canada(Quebec, Seppontreal)
45 states
Germany(2 weeks)
New Jersey

This is like Breakin, but I am up against a 3 year old with a club foot.

arms crossed.
dude, I only typed out the countries I've fished in... not every fucking country I've been to/flown over.
I'm surprised you didn't name disneyland.

so where'd you fish in london? hyde fucking park?

pissypants. on. fire.

ps. I hope you're fucking freezing.
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shit, you should have specified. If that's the case....New Jersey.....and Morocco.....and the Thames...but that was fishing of a different type, mate.

It riles up the lower classes when we fight, FYI. You should just submit and get it over with if this happens moving forward.
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By Hogleg
Could someone recommend a good beginner's Scotch?

I don't wish to get in over my head just now.
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