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By CarelessEthiopian
My property is an acre and a half. Some of that is the house and fenced yard. Most of it is sagebrush and native/invasive forbs and grasses, roughly square, and flat as a pancake. I would like to use it, but I'm not sure how. If I rode bikes, I would build a track. If it was on a slope, I would build a ski jump. But I don't and it's not, so I won't.

Hence, I turn to you, which is likely a horrible idea.

It's next to a road and visible to the public so scandalous activities are ruled out. My spawn will be hatching in the spring so kid oriented ideas will be entertained. I've already thought of RV hookups and tent pads for bakes, so I beat you to that one.

You weirdos got any ideas?
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By MTgrayling
Bird farm, blue eared pheasants, grey peacock pheasant and maybe a bustard or two.

I'll buy some eggs if I get dibs on skins.
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By Yard Sale
Pool or pond. Pond would be good for you.

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By Hogleg
Yard beat me to it.

Dig a pond and stock it with trout.

Build a zip line over the top of it.

My BIL did that at his place and it's a pretty big hit.

Or you could just haul an old trailer house out there and open up a meth lab.
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By CarelessEthiopian
Not a fucking chance a pool is going out there. It's way too cold here. There'd be about 3 days a year when I'd want to cannonball.

A trailer would provide not only a source of income and dental bills, but also add some ambience.

The idea of a pond has been rolling around in my head for a while, but I'm almost certain there would be some water rights issues. I'm on a well, but still. Knowing the way things are with water around here, I suspect there will be roadblocks. But, then again, I've done zero research into that.

My own pond would be pretty fucking sweet though. I'd put like 6 fish in it and they would all be huge and impossible to catch.
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By fatman
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By fallen513

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By pbrstreetgang
- Farmer's Market
- Gun Range
- Combo Farmer's Market/Gun Range
(I like the combo mainly because most farmer markets around where I used to live were choked with hipsters touting ironic fashion and witticisms only they cared to know)

If I had that kind of land, I'd make a small walking garden with a path, a pond, maybe some edibles. A place where anyone in the house can go to get the fuck away from everyone else. Or share a walk. I like having a place to go that is not just mine, but a place to cultivate my mind a bit without the echoes of the day about me.

relates: The more you develop, the more you'll need to take care of down the road.
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By Yard Sale
Really? Doesn't the C stand for Carl?

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By austrotard
bunker and captive midget hookers.

therefore.. little bunker.
mind your head.
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A kickass greenhouse to cover all your veggie and greenery needs; milky glass/poly and it's private and warm when you need it.

And a remote control helicopter pad.
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