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By blumpkin
Woolybug25 wrote:Big Game Hunter 2014...
Prided myself on the fact I have not played video games in about 30 years.

This winter I broke down.

I am finishing up S. Africa.
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i suck at video games. my son is embarrassed .
By Heero[CntRmbrPwd]
Guys, I play video games from time-to-time. The two games I am playing currently are called Europa Universalis IV and Rome 2 Total War. These are historical simulation games full of tedious micromanagement and challenge (though more so with the EU game). Another great one is called Hearts of Iron 3 which is a World War 2 simulator. The levels of tedium and micromanagement in HoI is crazy, everything from individual division brigade makeups to army command structure to economic production level, diplomacy, espionage and everything in between. These shouldnt be confused with those 'strategy' games such as Starcraft or Command and Conquer though its fine if thats your thing.

Should this have gone under the confessional topic?
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By Lurgee
There are good knot tying apps.
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By Redchaser
jhnnythndr wrote:Navionics if you spend time on the ocean.

Windfinder passage weather and weather underground if you need / want weather. I had a good stream flows one- but it's gone. Or in my Mac still I guess. It worked well.

Zombie gunship. Hungry sharks.

Plenty of good ski / snow apps as well.

Splice for making movies.

Pandora and spotify for tunes.


I don't have any keep in touch apps- as I feel lime keeping in touch is sort of playing to the phones strong suit already...

Haven't even tried a topo map / GPS app yet- but as wel as navionics performs at sea I would expect good results. Make sure your maps are ONBOARD not steaming or whatever. Or you will not have them when you need them- even though your GPS works without signal.

Trimble outdoors is an awesome GPS app. It does stream maps, however if you know where you are going ahead of time you can "cache" the maps for a pretty damn large area ahead of time. You can cache topo, street maps or Satellite images, It has an associated website that has pretty awesome tools with a subscription fee. I can go into the web site, plot and draw maps and trails and my phone will upload them when I open the app. I Cache the Satellite image of the area I'm headed to and it's the nuts for navigating the marsh, even once I'm out of cell range. The only downside is it runs through the battery of my iphone very fast. I've got a backup charger that gives me plenty of extra time though, I could probably also put a 12v outlet on my boat to be able to hook up with my car charger. The only reason I'm considering getting a tablet is to be able to use this app on a bigger screen.
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By Upsetter
SLSS wrote:Yer kind of a young feller to be operating in my world.
I have an old crotchety bastard of a soul Rick. I am excited to be fishing for the first time this year tomorrow though. Gonna be sunny and nice for a change. We had fricken field runoff floods yesterday. Nothing like an inch of rain over a foot of snow to get things moving.
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By vaku
I love hi-def radar and sun seeker. I use both on outdoor shoots, hi-def to map the rain, and it is accurate to a few feet and sun seeker shows me when and where the sun will go. It use the camera so I can see when it will clear the trees or go behind the trees or buildings.

text from last night will make you cry for our youth but laugh at them just as much

I use 'the score' to track sports scores when i need to

kayak pro for travel shit

i love a few games, flight control, drop 7, mx mayhem, just enough to keep me busy if i have to wait

fandango for movies locations and times
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By Bruiser
Google translate is great for insulting your friends in a wide variety of foreign languages. Highly recommended.
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By B.M. Barrelcooker
[report]Got a little section of yard that's a pain to mow and is just a place for the dogs to poop.

Traded an old boat to the local landscaper ...........
......archery range in progress.

Tree lined and everything!!

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By B.M. Barrelcooker
[report]Office at work.


And the office at home where most of the work gets done.

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By B.M. Barrelcooker
[report]It works for getting them outside !!!


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