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like you care.

1. korkers.
2. twatting raybans and their shitty fucking arm springs*.

and I'm seriously thinking about giving nissan the flick in the near future.

*I've just taken two pair with the same fucking ailment and threw them at the optician/optometrist/whateverthefuck he wants to call himself this year.

"fix these or I'm coming back with a fucking claw hammer."

is what I meant to say, but it came out (like) 'could you fix these please? I'm at the end of my tether.' (or some shit)

my favorite conversation that I feigned interest in whilst fishing with Aggtard was when he was talking about how shitty his Korkers were, and then watching the heel piece-thing come apart as he showed me how shitty it was.

then I didn't catch anything again
fuck Korkers

Orvis waders are awful.
korkers are shite.

'cept for the OG models, which I've rocked out/kicked people with for years now. They never die, unlike the souls of my foes which I've trampled upon whilst wearing them.

Seriously. One of them was from NJ and wanted my rock. Clad in neoprene, he kept running back & forth, to & fro all nimbly bimbly on the beach, casting over people. He finally stopped right behind me, preparing the pendulum cast required to sling his 4 oz plug directly over my head.

If you know who Liu Kang is, I kicked him like that, as hard as I could, in the neck.


So Korkers hold a special place in my heart.

Nissan, not so much.
Fit over sunglasses to go over my bi-focals. my critical wife says they make me look older than 53 . my present fishing glasses frames are working on 20 years and on their 4th set of replacement lenses.
One of the best weeks of fishing in my life this week.
Fucking plaugued by Korker drama the whole week.
As soon as the bite would turn on, that removable sole
would start falling off.

Plus, the whole time I have owned those boots, I've just been watching them,
waiting for those suckers to let go.

Mud was the deal breaker. Korkers give up those removable soles
to the mud every time.

Give those damn 4yr old girls in Chinese sweat shops more cigarette breaks,
so that they are happier and put out a better product.
well its the 4 year olds that are the problem by the time they hit 4 their hands have grown too fucking big to be able to lay properly tight stitching. The usable lifespan of a stitcher is 18 months -from 30 months old out to 48 months old in some rare cases youll see usable specimens that are 24 or 54 months old and functional. I am sick and tired of the bullshit, if these manufacturers would just keep there equipment in good repair, and replace it every two years we would see a shitload less problems. But if you don't have an iron willed and Iron Fisted American on station willing to shoulder the load and crack the fucking whip of quality control... good luck.
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Tiffany & Co. sterling silver rod and reel keychain. Sold by shysters. Tarnished, and no diamond in the fishes eye . . .
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