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ChaseChrome wrote:
D-nymph wrote: It's Canada & the US as I see it. Canada should win, but...
Always enjoy the intangibles D so long as you spare me from the manifest destiny, miracle on ice schtick...
I will spare you that, sure. However I did meet Herb Brooks once, in the bar urinals, at penguins training camp. Proper place, there was stage fright on my end. I also have a newspaper clipping, of the road side memorial at his crash site, in my office A U of Minnesota sweat shirt propped up & written in sharpie across the front "Thanks Herb". Dude was awesome.

Bet is whichever team finishes better overall wins.
ChaseChrome wrote:I see Peetso has left me covering 20 flies potentially...pussy

Whoa now . . . whoa.

I'm in.

If in the unlikely event I do have to tie, I'm tying red and white miscellaneous pike flies in honour of the true north strong and free.

They will suck, and they will catch fish.

ChaseChrome wrote:I see Peetso has left me covering 20 flies potentially...pussy
What kind of weird math are you using? I see 5 with Raz on the girl games & 5 with me on the real hockey.

I'd be happy to do the same with Peetso, if he wants, but that's my limit. I've no desire to send flies all over Canada.
Hey hey! I'll help you collect Mellican fries CC. Unlike a fucking foootball grid, this I understand. No algorithms here. Top overall wins!
Extra bragging rights Mano a Mano against our friends.
Just tell me how many fries the Mellicans owe me at the end.
In the unlikely event that I am AGAIN to tie fries, I will follow Peetso's lead and tie some Puglisi red and white peanut butters pike size!
Oh and fuck the PM and his conservitard brethren.
i only use a half dozen black buggers a year anyhow. ought to be easy yinz hosers.

so im in for the US chicks winning hockey gold.

also for the dudes, hockey. its all aboot hot 'tending.

CC, i'll pick mine up when you show me secret speck cricks.
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