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By BigTimber
Took my daughter to see Beauty and the Beast yesterday. Disney's got this shit figured out, so says my wallet. :bomb
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By Spicytuna
austrotard wrote:I had to pay a cakeage fee at a restaurant tonight.
Been there
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By Average Joe
austrotard wrote:I had to pay a cakeage fee at a restaurant tonight.
If it was for beefcake then it definitely makes you gay.
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By austrotard
how elizabeth felt about her birthday...
IMG_1742.jpg (101.92 KiB) Viewed 470 times
how scarlett felt about elizabeth's birthday...
IMG_1747.jpg (106.4 KiB) Viewed 470 times

note: that's not wilford brimley, hey.
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By BigTimber
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By Lando
Two stars?
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By FormerlyChaseChrome
austrotard wrote:how elizabeth felt about Shmitch on her birthday...
Helmet-head influence of empire
margaret-thatcher-blackpool-conference-ga123j.jpg (123.29 KiB) Viewed 440 times
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By austrotard
austrotard wrote: it was around the time lady di and the iron lady were taking note of their post.
parcels from up north were piquing the highest interest.

we missed their chance.

topical: trump hair.
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By yard4sale
Elizabeth sure got lucky getting her looks from Mom instead of you! :cool
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By -G-
And to think... in 8 years some poor soul is going to knock on the door ready to go on a date to the movie theater and Mitch will open the door.

That poor bastard
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