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By RaZ
Dale Hunter did ok. but he would rather coach his kids in ontario than deal w that punk ass Ovi. who, likely will be out most of this season...
By Heero[CntRmbrPwd]
The Caps problems are just having no quality two-way forwards, no exceptional or even above average defensemen, and mediocre goaltending. Should be easy fixes...
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By RaZ
mike green rides a vespa. that's all you need to know.
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By austrotard
I like vespas.

in fact I know more about vespas than I do about ice hockey.
and I know fuck all about vespas.

go habs.

le yaay!
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By RaZ
brandan saad. beast mode. carey price out for the rest of the series. bad news for les habs
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By D-nymph
[quote="RaZ"]carey price out for the rest of the series. bad news for les habs[/quote]

WTF is this? I didn't watch game 1.

Skates first? What an asshole. Rot in hell, Chris Kreider.
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By RaZ
its a dirty play is what it is.

even i can stop on my skates. sometimes. he also ran fluery last round. BUT, i expect no retribution from the habs, as they've done pretty well turning the other cheek. piss on the rangers.

:smile :smile :smile

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