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By Aguirre
austrotard wrote:this thread says a lot about you, mate.
I think the opiates were actually treating his ADD?
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By fatman

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By brent_e

status quo for me, aggs.

double entendre!



twisting the camera: not a good effect.
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By Aguirre


We are young.

Wait for the chorus: let's light this mother fucker up.

Gay, joyous, wonderful.
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By Lenny
I saw Freddy in '79 and had a feeling he may be somewhat "curious" then.

Everyone wore that shit in the UK, right?
a mere four years later I knew I'd been duped and capitulated.

and twenty years later... gawd, I'm sooo embarrassed.

confession: I even dressed like them. just like every other cunt.

relates: baaaaaa.
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By Bruiser
[quote="B.M. Barrelcooker"]

Wrong thread for Madness. They were great, period.

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