All threads that bitch about new, existing, or old members will be posted/relocated here. Keep this shit off the General forum, because no one wants (or cares) to hear your opinions. Now go back to the other forums and post something worthy of reading.
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By pbrstreetgang
is that you, J? would explain a thing or two about recent communication attempts...
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By austrotard
I've had a pm in my outbox to fullwells since 3 may.

I reckon I'll give it until 3 august and then I'll just nick his shit without his permission.
fair play.
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By austrotard
permission has been granted!
everyone else here can eat a dick.

(I can't believe I wasted my wish on copying a photo to carve.)
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By Randall Dee
austrotard wrote:just run with this moniker.

you see, this place is so fucking boring and run of the mill since becoming the more kinder and gentler drake that no one here really gives a fuck what you do. some may pretend but it is what it is; pretence.
the folk who guard the gates now weren't fit to wipe our asses five years ago.
but they wouldn't know that as they've only been on active duty for the last ten minutes.

it also helps that the average age of your bone idle drakian is 52... and doesn't fish, tie or create anything worthwhile.
all you need to do is chime in every other day or so with either 'this' or 'what he said' and that will constitute as a pass.

the political thread is now the topic with the most traffic. this is due to the fact that as free thinking people we feel we need and have to be heard, by either giving a pole opposite opinion of what is being discussed or by throwing our arms in the air all henny-penny like.
either opinion is always ignored but everyone here gets a trophy for participation.

now pick one:

a) c'mon in and shut the door behind you. (could include something about not tracking dogshit in, grabbing beers or some other shit)
b) that intro was so funny you owe me a new keyboard. (reserved mostly for young folk and 'ferners.)
c) tits, fuck off we're full or gtfo. (could include dying in a fire. some whom are not physic majors may combine all four.)
d) I recognise you from and your [sic] a good egg. (normally a ruse from the fella who'd invited you an hour ago.)
e) nice truck/bote/gun/knife. (normally means he wants you to pm him with gps coords even though he recognises your dad's truck/bote/gun/knife and sees you down the local pick and mix hatchery every saturday morning with your snotty nosed hand me down bastard kids.)
^^^ this....

I mean, what he said.
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By yard4sale
I approve this message on all fronts. Especially the political bored.

Can we just create a TR sub-forum and be done with it?
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By Randall Dee
yard4sale wrote:Especially the political bored.
Haha. Political bored.

Be careful, there are grammar nazi's about.
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By Lando
yard4sale wrote:
Can we just create a TR sub-forum and be done with it?
Hasn't this been attempted already?
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By austrotard
viva gaydito!

admittedly this place has pulled its socks up as of late.

rub my belly.
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By TheOldGuard
CarelessEthiopian wrote:I wish I was old guard so's I'd have that^ perspective on things.

He's right, you know.
It is quite tough having the perspective but without the 27,000 posts to back it up
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