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I have no experience with Boykin's (or boinking as of late), but if you are looking for a dog breed that's "Different" I have lots of experience with Irish Water Spaniels, which look like a longer legged Boykin. Very smart dogs, they shed moderately but because the coat is curly the hair gathers in little tumbleweed like balls and is easy to get up. It doesn't tend to work its way into furniture the way Labrador hair does. It's also a sound breed as they have been around for a long time. Breeds that are smaller in terms of the number of them out there tend to be sound, as without a lot of commercial demand there are fewer breeders and they tend to be more conscientious. I.W.S. are smart but with a clown like independent streak. You set them out on a line for a retrieve and they'll make the retrieve but get there and back the way they damn well please.

My I.W.S. Sunny passed away at close to 13 years old. Average life span for the breed is between 11 and 12. Unike Boykin's, Irish Water Spaniels don't cause cancer.

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Are Irish Water Spaniels shedders?

The nice thing about the griff is that shedding is very minimal. Every so often Ill notice a hair or two, but its extremely rare. I guess the wirehair breeds shed differently. I may just go for a second griff as I mentioned earlier, but I really like the Springers, the Welsh version especially but unfortunately they appear even more furry than the English varietals, and I like the look of the Boykin's also, hence this topic.

I just cant abide hair everywhere which is a pretty limiting requirement in the selection of a new dog.
Redchaser wrote:Heero,

...set them out on a line for a retrieve and they'll make the retrieve but get there and back the way they damn well please.


Which is exactly how I want them to hunt, by would get me skull dragging mad during retrieves. Fucksake- be expedient dog. If spaniels would mark a retreive- instead of hunting it up- or pretending to, i could probably get there, well no because they just can't be full time duck dogs- but even in upland - my dog quarters and flushes in gun range and then moves with a sense if purpose to bring em back.

Anyway- spanieling bein the topic rather than a debate about our favorite canine five weight...

The third hat in the ring with the boykin and the springer is another great option. And having a dedicated flusher retriever that will work close while you follow the big runner is heaven. Let him run and find birds an if he happens to miss while he's covering ground- you'll still get a shot- and off he doesn't miss any your spaniel will be just as happy flashing retrieving the birds pointed as the ones missed.

If you have any notion of waterfowl hunting don't even screw around with anything but the paddy spaniel.

Really it's tough to fuck up if your hunting birds with dogs- whatever combo you roll with as long as they are trained and fucking can work in a manner that is both efficient and pleasing to the eye.

Ps. Get a fucking roomba
Most of my hunting is small game. Id kill more squirrels without the dog but its just more fun with. Plus she finds me rabbits, woodcock, and the occasional quail. I dont really need a new dog for anything in particular, i just want another because two is more than one and more is better when it comes to dogs. Plus, It might be nice to start doing some waterfowling that isnt farm pond waterfowling. I mean, I have the Cheeseapeake Bay right on my doorstep and I never utilize it.
I'm fairly certain you cannot keep a dog in an 'apartment' as you may call it (see: council flat).
unless you of course you train it to pee in the 'lift' as you may call it (see: elevator).

note: all engrish lifts to qualify as proper elevators must contain 50% pee, 40% piss and 5% stella artois. the remaining 4-5% contains tungsten cancers (which are also banned in the state of california as they may cause birth defects. but mostly in.. that's right, you guessed it... the children.)
Also, my current bitch isnt socialized with the chickens. I mean, she is to a degree but not to the degree in which I am comfortable hunting her alongside a chicken. Mayhap this fall we can develop that a little more when a new chicken comes to stay with me. Still, itd be nice raising a puppy from a young age to be competent and trustable around a chicken for inter-species mingling whilst afield.
Boykins shed. and they stay close.
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The main drawback to the oirish spaniel is that I sometimes can't quite tell if I'm looking at one of them or a standard poodle. Side by side it's obvious enough- bu without the poodle for reference... So that's a pretty minor ding really. Other than the speed with which anything I shoot gets back to me- the absolute best part of a lab is that no one ever wants to come up and ask about her.
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