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Rocco looks very eager to please, or tear some shit up if he doesn't get exercise. Perhaps both.

Congrats on yer new pal.
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very cool bird. i enjoy watching the hawks nest near the same tree near our house.
he's pretty well put together. is he whoa'd? did he come with any experience with birds? you need to trap some pigeons
that is actually a cool looking dog. You named him "Skagit," right? Seems fitting for him.

So, how old is Skagit? Does Skagit have a favorite dog food yet? Does Skagit get along with your other dog, "Indicator?"
He is 2 years old (as of this past July) and his name is Rocco (he came with the name). My griff is named Olive. The two get on just fine.

I have a fun story about skagit since you brought it up. My little niece turned 3 recently and for her birthday her cool Uncle Heero was asked to get her, her first fishing pole, the typical pink Disney princess Zebco sort that all little fishergirls start out with. Uncle Heero had a better idea, though, he bought her a spey rod and a short Skagit line knowing that would be easier for a three year old to fish. Sure enough, she was making 60' casts within an hour. She is a little small, tho, so I dont expect shell hit that 100' mark for a couple years yet, but shes fishing just fine at 60'. So thank you, Skagit lines, for making it easy for my three year old niece to get out there fishing.
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