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By MTgrayling
Herring man, you need a herring with a shrimp oil chaser.
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By Lando
Deadwestern wrote:Yes that was a good one

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By Spicytuna
This exchange took the cake for me.

me: I am putting together a little Drake Bake in Redding next Feb and I know your local to the area and wanted to shoot an invite your way. ... =1&t=24670
If you can't make it no worries but stay in touch maybe we can fish together soon.

Anonymous: Thanks for thinking of me for this. As much as I probably need the break, I won't be attending.

me: Its still plenty far out time wise. But no worries wanted to shoot an invite your way anyways.
How have you been? Able to get out fishing at all?

Anonymous: You will laugh or perhaps you won't.
After years of doing whatever I pleased my body finally gave me some feedback by having a heart attack. It gave me a moment to consider my options for the future. A year and a half has passed and I'm now a Zen Buddhist monk. I's weird, but it works for me. Trust me when I say I'd love to join you guys for the bake, even if I didn't fish. I know it's going to be a good time.
I really should consider giving my shit away. I've got lots of gear that's still good. New reel, line and flies I've never swung. Seems a bit of a shame to have it just sitting. Another good reason for me to go to the bake, we can have drunk-monk trivia night where I give my gear away.

Best to you.

Me: That has to be one of the most interesting things I have ever read. I am a firm believer is to each is their own and I am glad you found something like that to have in your life. I hope your health has improved through this process as well.
If you want to make it to the bake then that works man. So you don't fish anymore at all? Is that a spiritual thing or a personal thing? I fished the Y in Early Dec and it was very fair, the early high water scoured it pretty good. I have been curious if the Skwalas were hatching though. Every time there is a high water year is seems the river has to rebuild itself all the time. Not like it was when I started fishing it in the late 90's.

Hope all is well for you man,

Anonymous: Yes, the Y is strange like that. It does kind of reconfigure itself in spots.
As for the fishing part, yeah, I'm more or less done. I made some vows that include not killing or harming anything without necessity and I'm afraid fishing for me was all sport, so whether I like it or not, fishing is off my list of activities. <sigh> The committed Buddhist lifestyle has it's pitfalls, and this is surely one of them for me. It's a difficult concept to explain to folks so I wouldn't be surprised if you were scratching your head about the whole thing.

Me: My best to you as well. The Y will always be a humbling river to me that when the stars align can be epic, just have to weed through the many slow days. I will keep ya posted as the bake goes and gets closer.

Take Care,
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By austrotard
that heero's a fucking idiot, hey.

and I want his fishing jumper.
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By jhnnythndr
Whoa. It's in California that this took place?
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By Adams
So Smithhammer moved to Cali and became a Buddhist - that explains a lot.
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By Spicytuna
jhnnythndr wrote:Whoa. It's in California that this took place?
yes it is.

Talking about someone throwing you a curveball.
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By mendthatshit87
austrotard wrote:Mitch:
I've been curious fish the salt out your way? Question's been bugging me for a while.

I like to bug folk on the other side of the planet... especially for a while.
You should have just answered the question. Its still been bugging me.
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By West Chester
bullship wrote:
Woolybug25 wrote:*EDIT - I think we might be both getting punked. I checked your other posts and you are a badass tyer. These cant be yours. Furthermore, the post office labeled the box with a zip. Know anyone from Claremont, NH? Dave told me that you are from NC, so I don't think these are from you. They sent this in with labels that say "Bullship" and even has a letter signed as Bullship. Hell, let me know what you think. Below is the email I sent you before I got all Sherlock Holmes on it.

Hey dude. I hope all is well. I got your flies today and need to chat with ya. First of all, I would fish the hell out of the flies you sent and they would certainly catch fish. I love that polar chenille stuff and use it all of the time. Fishy as hell. Dave spoke really well of you and said that he saw some really good tying from you at the SCoTF show, so I know that you can wrap a hook.

That being said, which one of these is not like the other?




For reference, I personally spent about $40ish on the materials on my flies and have put in 3-4 hours of tying in on them. Some of the flies that are coming in have two hooks, cones, rattles, eyes and exotic materials. I'm not sure how those people will feel about getting your fly back in return.

The other two things are that you also a) forgot return postage and b) forgot a lighter.

So what would you like to do?
I am so glad you posted this up...
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By West Chester
keyring payment
Sent: Mon Jan 27, 2014 11:31 pm
From: Greenhead23
To: West Chester

Hey there,

Unfortunately I cannot accept bitcoins, I have actually never used them before. I had PayPal, but my account information was somehow hacked so I had to cancel my account.

I understand that people are hesitant to pay with a MO or personal check, but unfortunately those are the only forms I can take.

I have a 100% feedback on another forum online where I have sold many things. If you like I can send you my feedback report.

Re: keyring payment
Sent: Mon Jan 27, 2014 11:58 pm
by Greenhead23

Oh I see. I stated earlier in the thread that bidding will end 1/28/2014 at 6:30 EST. Someone already thought I was changing the rules when I said what types of payments I could accept, so I don't really think it would be fair to move up the close date and don't want to cause any more confusion.

I didn't think that this keyring would have so much interest, that's why I decided to let this go on until tomorrow evening.

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By fatman
Charles fucked that whole thing....
RIP Croaker.

Here's to Croaker. RIP dude.

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