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By Redchaser
RFA wrote: Tue Apr 25, 2017 5:06 pm
trouthound wrote: Tue Apr 18, 2017 7:17 am I don't know any of you personally so cant speak to it first hand but even for here the word "fag" seems out of place. Pretty sure the last time i called anyone a fag I was in 5th or 6th grade. Just seems like an odd slur to use.
It's the perfect piece of slang, BECAUSE it was used in the 5th grade.

Another one I used extensively during my tenure as a ranch hand circa 2015/16 - "Prick". Not quite PC enough to drop in front of customers, too outdated, corny, and tame to be used in situations that really warranted an expletive, but perfect for inserting into otherwise boring language.

"Let's just get out there and get these stupid pricks(cows) moving"

"Grab me a handful of constructions screws, you dumb prick"

"Bogging the gator down in the North Fork up in this prick!" - my personal favorite, as the inventor. "Up in this prick" became my go to phrase.

Montucky Cold Pricks was the beer of choice on the ranch. The same price and better tasting than PBR, and you could drink 100 before getting a buzz, so good for digging post holes and repairing fences.
The series Deadwood brought the term "Cocksucker" back into high rotation in my vocabulary.
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By brownsville



noun vulgar slang


a woman's genitals.


a person regarded as stupid or obnoxious.

verb BRITISH informal


hit or punch (someone).

"if my best mate said that I'd twat him"[/i]

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By befuddled
For Redchaser, one of the funniest scenes in that series

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By Redchaser
[quote=befuddled post_id=649657 time=1493301975 user_id=152]
For Redchaser, one of the funniest scenes in that series


Yep, whenever I blurt out "Cocksucker" now, I usually do it with a pigeon Chinese accent.
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By austrotard
Subject: Reunion - TR

austrotard wrote:
there is power in a reunion.

am I the only one who got that?

and I'm afraid the answer was yes.
which was also ridiculous.
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