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By MTgrayling
Some drunk asshole wrote:So **** and I were at the only bar in town having some really bad food and some pretty good whiskey and we were talking about fishing and specifically spey casting. See, I taught myself to cast and don't really know the names of the different moves. It turns out what people had told me was a snap T is actually a circle C and other bullshit. I was/am doing a whole bunch of stuff wrong apparently, but that's another story.

We were making animated hand motions and probably talking too loudly when I noticed this hotish chick waving something at me. I walk over and I'm thinking she may be trying to pick me up. (it has happened) The thing she was waving was a card, her guide card. **** is watching this whole thing. So at this point she goes on about teaching me to cast and where we would walk in, assuming I was going to book a trip. Like I'm a chump dude or something, it's obvious she doesn't know the area and is full to the top with BS.

Now at this point I'm thinking I'm going to pick her up and say I'm not interested in booking a trip and I ask her to go fishing. Nope. Coffee sometime. Well blah, blah, blah. Nope. **** making chuffing sounds and getting worked up.

The librarian thing came from the glasses she had on at the bar. We must have caught her on a good night or I've been stuck in the eligible women purgatory that is ***** for way too long, but she looked pretty nice to me.

Chicks with accents, chicks with waders, chicks with glasses. These are things I lime.

I'm rejected and sit down to finish the whiskey (Ghost Owl) with ****. He looks the card over and says he knows her … Angie the Steelhead goddess, talks about youtube videos. There's a small group playing pool way over in the corner, a couple behind us eating nachos and two guys having beers at the bar.

There's a whole bunch of shit wrong with guides, especially out of towners, doing what she did flashing her card and trying to book trips at a bar. I don't know which one pissed **** off the most.

She trolls for a homely looking guy at the bar with her BS guide spiel. Then one or the other started up again and it got ugly fast. She tried to one up **** with tales of BC and some Russian/Norwegian salmon river I hadn't heard of. If you know anything about **** you know that ain't gonna work. I said honey don't go there. We laughed it off and sat back down.

Then she started up with all this shit about being able to row a drift boat. “can you row a drift boat?, well can you?!” On and on. Well **** can row, I can row, pretty much everyone can row and I don't think either of us answered back. It was such a stupid thing to fixate on especially since spey fishing is what started the whole thing.

Then the profanity started. Now, I'm trying to mediate and pacify since I'm still thinking a chick with good tits that can spey cast would be a nice thing for the winter, but she ain't backing down and **** ain't backing down.

In real life I'm not an asshole like on the suk. **** on the suk is mellow, **** in real life when pissed isn't. He doesn't mince words or back down. Makes me like the old guy even more!!

She got real worked up; “fuck this ... row a boat ... fuck off... drift boat, fuck you!” **** got right down in her face and told her off good before we walked out with her still going on about drift boats.

I got in the last few punches with “so you can row great, do you back troll honey? Bottom bounce?”

We walked out the door into the foggy night air, looked at each other and stood there laughing for quite a while.

In case you don't know, ***** is a weird fucking place man!

That's about how I saw it go down.

**** caught a fish today.


I'm pretty sure she's lurking here as "silf" and I may still have a chance to bang her.
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By Adams
Angie the steelhead goddess?


There used to be a pic of her sitting on a bumper dumper. . .
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By root wad
Sure wish I could meet her. Just think, a steel fish guide with hatchery tits.
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By austrotard
I've been curious fish the salt out your way? Question's been bugging me for a while.

I like to bug folk on the other side of the planet... especially for a while.
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By jhnnythndr
Deadwestern wrote:JT,

Lando sent me your way. I am headed to Denver in late november trying to do a bit of hiking and fishing with my wife. I will be visiting my brother who recently moved out there but he has zero knowledge about fishing. We will have rods and waders with us and, do not have an issue driving a few hours. Any info you could pass my way would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You
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By jhnnythndr
Deadwestern wrote:JT,

Thanks for the input. Any areas you would suggest checking out?

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By jhnnythndr
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By MTgrayling
The puny size of teh suk inboxes is ridiculous. It's lime swinging a smolt on a 5" 'truder.
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By jhnnythndr
I love swingin 5" intruders with a smolt as a trailer. I hook em up through the eyes. It's springtime anadromous version of a jignpig
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