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for the car
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Mitch, you are a great help. already have the firearm under control. No one wants to fuk with a man armed with a hatchet after their car is taken apart by one.
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Nothing screams "crazy" like bringing a hatchet to a gun fight.
words of wisdom...
shunned wrote:

just mind they're silver and red like the fire department.
that way there's no confusion.

1. you see my hatchet
2. you shit your trousers (unless they're my trousers you've just nicked off the line.)
those are for chopping dicks off. I need enough quality steel to take a car apart. like your life depends on it quality.
I "run" the Sog Tactical Tomahawk.

It's tactical.

And a Tomahawk.

It's a tactical tomahawk.
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Your fellow motorists will not doubt your intentions when you get out of the car carrying this.
That woman has impossibly long legs.

All my hatchet work is done on wood. Is that tactical?
SLSS wrote:
All my hatchet work is done on wood. Is that tactical?
So long as that wood is being turned into a punji stick, yes.
close, and i get 10% off. on order. Thank Hogleg.

and a sheep shot. strong work :smile

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