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Medical, technology, 3rd world middle management?

I can't do blood because it grosses me out. I'm fine with cubicles. I have 11 years of retail experience but I'm too honest for sales.

If you had to start over right now which fields would pique your interest?

I don't need to be rich but making between 40-50k per year would be nice.
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By fatman
southernstrain wrote: I have 11 years of retail experience but I'm too honest for sales.
Retail what?

Sales doesn't have to be a dishonest biz; and there's lots of inside/phone jobs out there
in the customer service realm.

My guess is that the kind of $ you're wanting to make will require:
1. Education/training
2. Time/experience

Look at trade schools, good bang for your buck.
Take their salary estimates with a grain of salt, as the best pay
normally requires lots of overtime and/or relocation to a shitty area. Or both.

Good luck. YMMV
I am taking a stab at Firefighting, not easy by any means and probably has the lowest % of any job to get hired but man if you do...

Since selling blood and semen is out due to blood. I would go after maybe coast guard or something along those lines, maybe even a teacher.

I will follow by saying hope this helps but it probably doesn't.

Good luck to you
Thanks fellas.

I'm in a state college finishing up some classes that didn't transfer. Literally have no idea what to major in.

As far as retail goes I've sold everything from auto parts to fly rods. For everyone from mom and pop to billion dollar corporate empires. Sales associate to department manager.

I hate it. Same questions everyday. It's interesting for about a year then I want to break stuff.
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My younger daughter is in retailing and hates it- she's applying to grad school to go into college admin, after watching my wife really enjoy it of the past 10 years.

If I got to do it over again, I wold either do architecture like I had intended, industrial design as I've seen how interesting that could be, or cinematography. Yes, all different, but all visual and all interesting. Machining would be cool as a trade, and up here anyway, they are in demand and in that salary range you're looking at.

And Spicey's nod toward the firefighter is a good one. I never met a firefighter til I was too old to do it, but it could be ideal for an active life, or something like art, as you have time to develop a second career while working
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By kish
Teaching sure seems like a good gig. My daughter is in her second year as a High School art teacher. Got the gig right out of school and loves it. When I talk about my retirement down the road, she says she gets to retire for three months every year. Little brat. Went out west hiking and camping her first summer off. Think of the fishing you could do.

I think welding is a pretty sought after skill, and you could learn that pretty quickly. The money certainly is good.

Good luck and have fun figuring it out.
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