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By TX.
...That by posting here I will at least know what not to do.

So tonight I go into the kitchen and one of my cooks says "Dude, I can't believe the shit I just heard"...
I'm like yeah whatever, it's a anyway, the story: My GM's daughter is a server and works in my department, spoiled brat. She was having a conversation w/ my Dining room Manager ( who has a funky name) ...and my DM says "do you know what the cooks call me?"
The 16 YO responds: "Slut?" and walks away.

So knowing that this little bitch always gets her way should I even address it to him? (DM didn't seemed as bothered about it as I was)
My daughter works there too and if she were to (which she wouldn't) ever do anything like that, I'd write her ass up in a heartbeat.

The boss's daughter though.....I'm on the fence about it.

DM is a bit of a redneck (well, more than me), been through a ton of shit in her life, but is def NOT a slut.

So what would you do?
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By yard4sale
Treat all employees equal. Slippery slope if you don't.

I get your consternation as that plan takes time for people to see being applied equally but if you don't start out that way you can never get back to it.
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By Da Ax
If the owner is any sort of leader, he/she/it should know that this sort of thing cannot be tolerated.

I'd ask the DM if she wants to lodge a formal complaint. If so, I'd write the Boss' daughter up. I'd notify her, officially, and then call the boss (head off the "Daddy, I just got written up." call at the pass)

Either the boss will respect you for it or not. If not, things will be tense. But I'm with yard...slippery slope, otherwise.
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By Adams
I'm with yard and Da Ax - I'd follow up with the DM to confirm the conversation and tone. Given the tenor and tone of the slut comment, did DM think bratty GM daughter was trying to be funny or a bitch? If a bitch, I'd let your boss know, and then sit the server down and let her know she won't do it again. Bosses kids should be treated like any other employee while at work. But you are probably about to find out more about your bosses views on both you and his daughter.
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By fatman
prime example as to why I have no interest in management.

well, that and I'm lazy.... :wink
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crucify the bitch.
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By BigTimber
well, is she a slut?
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By Spicytuna
I like sluts...jis sayin
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By Redchaser
fly-chucker wrote:Well TX looks sounds like you're between a rock and a hard spot.

By you're own admission, it looks like you won't be able to bend the DM over the counter (not a slut).

GM's daughter is only 16....

You're not going to get anything good out of this situation :sucks
Too bad he's not in Arkansas, 16 is legal there. 15 if she's your cousin.
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By dunk
I'd find a job at a place that doesn't employ family members - especially small places with only a few dozen or even a few hundred employees. Nothing good usually comes from that deal. I've only got a couple dozen but we won't hire family members - ours or relatives of employees...
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By Hogleg
I would definitely address it. If you don't you'll get trapped and your staff won't respect you.

At a minimum I would let her daddy know what's been reported and tell him straight up that you respect the relationship but also have an obligation to be fair. Tell him how you would manage the situation otherwise if it wasn't his daughter and that you feel strongly there should be no exceptions. Let him know that you're telling him first out of respect rather than causing a nasty, embarrassing situation for him. Embarrassment is a huge motivator for some folks.

Once you do that it's on him and not you, no matter how he responds. He'll also know where you stand, which is good, and he might even handle the situation himself. Which is good too.

You'll save face with your staff that way if they know that you didn't sweep it under the rug because it's the boss's daughter.

Just my $.02 worth.

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