All threads that bitch about new, existing, or old members will be posted/relocated here. Keep this shit off the General forum, because no one wants (or cares) to hear your opinions. Now go back to the other forums and post something worthy of reading.
mitch aka 2 fish wrote: Tue Aug 06, 2019 7:32 pm welp me find the pay it forward thread. I thought we had one.

we'll say I need/want something to keep it inneresting. ... =3&t=24164

$5 seppo :smile

"Search" function works GREAT!
mitch aka 2 fish wrote: Tue Aug 06, 2019 10:20 pm and I haven't any change. only fifties.
that'll do....
mitch aka 2 fish wrote: Mon Aug 05, 2019 6:11 pm yeah, nah.
they're down in brazil living it up with the other nazis.

I'll put one of my hugo boss suits on the porch.
Actually, yea, dead as drowned rats. Dumbasses wrecked a boat real quick & have been underwater all this time not moving very far. whoopsie. ... ar-AAFq9fX
So I watched a video today.

Something about redfish.

Truth is I was unable to pay much attention to any of the helpful hints offered once I heard Redchaser talking like a goddamn Yankee.

Is that really his voice, or was it dubbed?

Second question.

[i]In total there are 1643 users online :: 25 registered, 3 hidden and 1615 guests (based on users active over the past 360 minutes)[/i]

1615 lurkers? Is that some kind of record? And if so, what the fuck is up with that?

Asking for a friend.
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:smile :smile :smile

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