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By austrotard
mitch/porno: she come skimming through rays of violet, she can wade in a drop of dew, she don't come and I don't follow waits backstage while I sing to you...


porno: ha ha ha.
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By austrotard
porno: I'm being sincere here, love. my grandmother came from poland and she used to make these and it would take her all day. literally! I know... I'm serious. trust me on this. I don't know anyway else to put it. these are the best fucking perogies I've ever had. and trust me... I've had perogies.

mrs. rammerjammers: umm... okay. thank you.

porno: you probably don't know this, my grandmother came from poland and she used to make these. I'm serious. these are sooo fucking good, hey. hiccup.
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By fatman
"We refer to everyone as 'mate'. Our mates we call 'cunt' "
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By Redchaser
ChaseChrome wrote:CC: pie shine???
Inebriate drawl from the shadows, "yeah it's fawkingawesome..."
Shonnie Shon Shonnessy: "Fucking piss tastes like Apple Jacks Cereal mate..."
If you watched "Justified" you probably wouldn't want to drink any shine called "Apple Pie"
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By fatman
"Has anyone seen my (t)weed?"
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By fatman
waiter: can I box up your Autumn Salad, sir?

Mitch: no thanks, mate. cheers.

Peeber: I think he just told that guy to fuck off in Austrian
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