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By austrotard

"Get out"[/quote]

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By austrotard
smoking cuban cigars after our meal...
you know, like gentlemen or some shit...

'so yeah... I suppose I had my last one 25yrs ago and yes... like you just said then, 'it was a time not without episode'.'
"oh, right."
'as one does' you might say, mitch... 'as one does'.'
"hmm. yes, I might.''

there are serious issues to consider at these fucko gatherings, hey.
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By austrotard
'mate... are you fishing a tip?'
"yeah but I no but yeah... umm yeah.''
'but you told me to fish this intermediate...'
"yeah but I no but dark side yeah... umm yeah.''

or something along those lines.
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By austrotard
'shawn. I need to ask you something...'
"go on then..."
'did you turn the toilet paper around in the shitter?'
'fuck. I don't believe it. from everything that should've bothered you this trip this is the one thing that got to you...'
"I have been very clear about this in the past, mate.''
'one star?'
"tsk tsk... very disappointing. let us just leave it at that."

"'we used to turn the shit tickets around because of the cats."'
"cats are gay.''
'''no. no they are not."'
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By austrotard
'what the fuck is this?'
"you said you fancied some pumpkin pie.''
'yeah, I did. but then I said fuck it... that's why I left.'
"well now you have some."
'this is a full fucking pie, kevin.'
"ha ha... yeah. I know."

'it's been thirty years since I've had pumpkin pie.'
''so... do you reckon it'll be another thirty before you try it again?''
'yeah. thirty minutes. this is some pretty good weed, hey.'
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By austrotard
''hey, mitch. I found your...

a) jacket.''
½) whisky."
3) beakfarts."
iv) flies."
two) change."
3) luggage."
∴) camera."
Ω) cappuccino."
F) weed."
3) all of the above.
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By austrotard
'so mitch... did you bring your valet?'
"I didn't bring a vehicle. I believe you're referring to a 'valet'.''
'fuck you, mitch.'
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By fatman
day three in camp:

"so I guess Joe isn't coming back with my cappuccino...."
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