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By austrotard
in three hours time it's engerland vs. you ain't seen nnnnothing nyet.

so don't spoil it for me, I'm taping it.

pro tip: euro = european cup, mate. it's like over there or some shit.

engerland! :wink
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By MTgrayling
Hockey dude... we watch hockey.
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By austrotard
not in fucking june, mate.

confession: towards the end of the season I avoided the suck...

relates: as I was taping the matches.

elates: I needn't have bothered.

By Wholetmygoatsout
Ha wait until the Special Jose has spent all your money, pissed off all the babes, won the title in 17-18 and been fired in 18-19. Things will look a lot worse :cheer
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By austrotard
how much would you like to bet that special jose doesn't make a fucking blind bit of difference?

disclaima: it's 2am. I cannae do it.

engerland! :wink
By Wholetmygoatsout
Special Jose will "buy" a title, then leave.
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By MTgrayling
Well, now that sports is finished for a few months, carry on with your riots.
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By RaZ
Fucking right Pens!
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By D-nymph
[quote="austrotard"]not in fucking june, mate.

Actually, In Pittsburgh, we're watching hockey in June this year. You would've enjoyed the party.



meh. let them breathe cake...

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