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By RaZ
freeze tag champ
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By RaZ
referring to CR7's dodgeball move to avoid being touched by that pitch invader yesterday.

whos gonna coach engerland next? i see eric le roi has thrown his name out there.
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By austrotard
RaZ wrote:
whos gonna coach engerland next?
whoever it is he better be fucking engrish. and perhaps muslim.

'bout time we blamed them for poor results as well.
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By RaZ
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By Wingnut
I hope France makes Ronaldo cry.
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By kish
Rolando's eyebrows are gay.
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By austrotard
I wonder if he knows my missus would leave me for him.

that'd wipe that shit eating grin off his face.
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By RaZ
he gets all the bishes. good for portugal. lolz at frenchies. they already had EURO 2016 CHAMPS party bus painted and parked down the road.
their stars didnt show up. and if you dont let in any goals, theres always a chance you can win. zzzzzzzz
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