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By Heero[CntRmbrPwd]
Tom Brady is a big fat cheater and if the Patriots win the world series Im never watching football again (not that I watch it now, but still!)!
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By austrotard
pffft. like y'all didn't pretend youse was oirish again for ten minutes last night.

especially you, you east coast fag.

no offence.
besides the c. that's offensive as fuck.
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By RaZ
brazil bounced from the Copa on a worse handball than Henry vs. the Paddys was pretty cool.
By Heero[CntRmbrPwd]
Mitch, I did a little reading up on this football thing and was surprised to see that Tom Brady wasnt participating.

I do have a question, tho.

Why is it that the UK sent 3 teams to the thing rather than the 1 sent by every country? Thats some bullshit there, no?

I mean, Bavaria, say, has been part of a unified Germany a shorter time the Wales, Scotland or North Ireland has been owned as part of a unified Great Britain; yet, there is only one German team playing. There is only 1 Spain. One France. One Italy. What is that shit all about?
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By RaZ
lucky for engerland
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By austrotard
couldn't get the match in the bush.
had to watch teletext.

kinda made me gay.

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By RaZ
sterling is trash.
Vardy might be a drakian.
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By pxatim
13502808_10153896791293645_6468102015467503914_o.jpg (22.57 KiB) Viewed 902 times
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By RaZ
Slovakia parking that bus yesterday.

does messi carve up the US today?
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By austrotard

the match was on at 3am this morning so I taped it and watched it by myself.
(normally I can get elizabeth to watch the first 15min before she gets captured by the ipad.)

and I'm so glad I did watch it by myself because if I had waited until she'd come home from school she would have thought engerland and I were gay.


well I lie a bit... she already thinks engerland is gay.
I blame gangsta granny.

we're not good enough to win this.
I want to see rashford on the pitch with the drakian again.

kane can keep the bench from blowing away.
By Wholetmygoatsout
You gotta create chances before you can take them ...the midfield is devoid of any creative ability....and Smalling will get exposed sooner rather than later.
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By austrotard
smalling's a fucking liability.
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