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By RaZ
Iceland gonna win duud.
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By austrotard
we beat them 6-1 last time so probably.
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By RaZ
By Heero[CntRmbrPwd]
Iceland is like a squirrel. It looks all soft and fluffy and harmless then you go to grab it and it has a bite that really freaking hurts.

Plus that viking chant is so awesome.
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By austrotard
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By RaZ
RaZ wrote:Iceland gonna win duud.
nailed it.
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By pxatim
Is this really "THAT" big of an upset?

Sterling is shit. Rashford and the drakian did more in 20minutes than the entire lineup. Skrek and Kane were FUCKING TERRIBLE. Every free kick blasted out of play. Time to sell Rooney... his time is up.
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By RaZ
other than LA Galaxy who would actually pay 40 quid for roonayyy?
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By austrotard
[quote="pxatim"]Is this really "THAT" big of an upset?


well it was to fucking me, mate.

(I type it the way you'd hear it.)

go iceland. and trump.

typical fucking engerland.

you fellas have heard me saying that for nearly ten years, hey.

we went as far as we were going. everybody knows/knew that.

we could only beat germany in two world wars.

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