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By Wholetmygoatsout
Redchaser wrote:
austrotard wrote:
Wholetmygoatsout wrote:

you allow people to do whatever they fucking well please in your country to (be seen to) respect their customs and religions.
yet you stop yourself from expressing your own views in your own country because you are held back by the popular vote.
no one gets fired for saying something popular.
fuck what is right and fair... as long as you are seen to be 'tolerant' to the people that live in your country that want to destroy it or make it the same as the shit hole they left.
So say the aborigines.
Please do not associate this quote Or any part of it as mine.
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By Redchaser
Apologies Goat, the quote function was a bit wonky
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By austrotard
#624275 ... referendum

pretty soon you'll have a problem with most.

and I keep hearing about the polish centre and one fucker with some spray paint. oooo...

oh, and some muslim getting yelled at on the street.
it's fucking terrorism, isn't it?

bottom line is... the working class has spoken.
you don't like it and we don't care.

aborigines and nazis.
blow the whistle... as I think that's a lost debate, lads.
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