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This past weekend I spent some time on a river with Cornholio, my brother, and an old friend of ours.

We had an incredible time.

More on that later.

I thought this outing would present an ideal opportunity to try out the spey reel fatman gave me, so I attached it to my old bamboo two-hander and went to town.

After a few casts I snagged the fly and gave it a tug.

The results were spectacular.
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I've now the perfect excuse to just sit on the bank in my foldy-chair and drink beer while Mitch shows me all he's learned from his casting instructor.

I may also have a new bamboo trout rod, though I'll reserve judgement on that until brent-e has a chance to examine what's left of the mess I made.

I couldn't have planned this better if I'd tried.
I know this rather dashing bounder of a fellow who has two 8wt spey rods and two 6wt switch rods; all components interchangeable with its partner.
and if in his company you find yourself bored with two handed rods I'm fairly certain he has bamboo rods 4wt through to 6wt with silk lines and peerless reels.

yeah. he's got a touch of the douchebaggios.
and I believe he picked it up from a pendulum assed waitress in italy. as one does.

I'm glad the reel worked. I think.

Your handle here now makes sense.

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