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austrotard wrote:jose does it.
You must of realized he's like military logistics compared to my rolling clusterfuck. I haven't managed cards in years. :coffee
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By austrotard
on the last day of postals some sweethearts gave to me...
a christmas card and some stickies...

a big cheers to:

the cc.

a big old bollocks to:

all resta y'all.

I'm halfway there if it was keeping you up nights. :coffee
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I'm waiting to miss the Holiday mail rush. :coffee
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By austrotard
smolt comes to the party... albeit with echo tattoos.

and if I actually saw someone casting like that I would make with the funnies.
bicycle kicking motherscratchers.

because I know it's sooo important to so many of youse... we're halfway there, lads.

and fuck west ham.

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