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By austrotard
have a read of this fucking twat... nothing pleases me more than hearing the insignificant complain.

fella's worried about his fishery.

we'll just forget the whole fucking country is haemorrhaging to keep cunting china in milk, hey.
and how many millions did you lot squander on your new (see: still old, asshole) flag referendum?
milk, trout, sheep, rugby and fucking fern stickies.
the foundations of a solid and well respected country.

you know, the only country with more of its citizens living abroad is oireland... but at least they've got a good excuse.

in twenty fucking years you'll be selling this fishery to keep yourselves in milk.

no offence, bro.
but get out of my country.
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By CarelessEthiopian
Get out of here and take my mortgage payment with you!
CarelessEthiopian wrote:
After 15 years in this valley, my attitude toward tourists has done a complete 180.
It took me a long time to realize how much I need them.
I wish I could put up a billboard saying "Thanks for your money, please come back soon."
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