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Honestly, that's a great choice. Scandi short VT is a really great setup but you will be doing some stripping for sure. Probably not a bad thing if streamer fishing for trout. :coffee

Too bad they don't do a 5.

Not even gonna argue with you RD, it's always my usual choice but he threw in the winter time stripping.
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By Lando
Randall Dee wrote:
Ginseng Sullivan wrote: also get the full line not a head.
I'm going disagree with GS on this one. He's just being a trouble maker.

After you've been doing it for a while and you've figured out what line you like, then sure, get an integrated one. But when you're just getting into it and trying to figure this shit out, a loop to loop set up will allow you to easily interchange different heads so you can experiment and try different ones. Plus the loop to loop connection will help you to position the head where it needs to be on each new cast as opposed to a color change transition on an integrated line where the definition is going to be a little more vague.

This all is starting to make a little sense. It is supposed to be around 40 degrees this weekend, and I have a friend (certified FFF casting instructor) that will be helping me with my cast. Going slow is good information-so is the single spey. I can do that one pretty well with left hand or right hand on top, I dig the snake roll, and the snap-T is getting there. My double spey sucks ass, but hey........I have to start somewhere.
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By -G-
Isn't this suppose to be on "typical questions on your local?"

I was gona keep quiet as there's much more experienced guys than me around these parts until i saw the VT pop up. --Times 2 with the scandi short VT. I use it the majority of the time. Slap the 10 ft versies on it with your switch poles and the 15 versies with your spey poles. My guess is you're not skating bombers for cutts in January, and would like to use a sculpin or something similar in the winter months- so the VT will deliver the goods nicely without having to resort to a skagit. Can also throw mow tips on without an issue.

Whatever line you choose, and whatever cast you choose to perfect... Just don't forget to whip it
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By Lando
The main board scares me, so I like to hang down here. Thanks for the affirmation....... I pulled the trigger and I guess the trip down the rabbit hole has begun.
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By west_jay
ChaseChrome wrote:[report]8a09e449d791b251e996f98db34dc8e1.gif[/report]
Tanks for the seizure. [$5 seppo sent]

This thread is shaping up [eyes glancing at switch pole in corner.]
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By Lando
Randall Dee wrote: So what did you get?
I got the Redington Trout Spey 11'6" 4 wt. Scandi short VT.

Peebs.......thanks, I will read all of that.

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