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By fallen513
austrotard wrote:somebody mention a 420gn line so I can get dafuckoutahe'.
get to steppin'...
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Lando wrote:
Randall Dee wrote: So what did you get?
I got the Redington Trout Spey 11'6" 4 wt. Scandi short VT.

Peebs.......thanks, I will read all of that.

I think that's going to be really nice for your neighborhood. :cool
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By austrotard
fallen513 wrote:
austrotard wrote:somebody mention a 420gn line so I can get dafuckoutahe'.
get to steppin'...


you've no idea how perfect your timing is.

close enough.
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The whole outfit will weigh half what a spey will and seriously if you can't get the distance you need with the switch check with RFA for options.
Who in the what now?
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By Ajax
Average Joe wrote:
Lando wrote:Like I said, I really don't want to catch fish. It is something to do in the winter, and I really don't want to have to strip in line to cast.
If that's the case then you need to get one of these. It strips the line in for you!

auto fly reel.jpg

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I have three of those fucking things... They make great paperweights.
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By Lando
Everything showed up today..........well, almost everything. I forgot to order some running line, so that fuck up will cost me another week. Oh well, I wanted to go to the river today, but it is snowing and pretty nasty out.

We went out Sunday and things started clicking. I tried casting with my right hand (dominant) on the bottom-this really seemed to help with the cast. Line started to shoot and shit got real in a hurry. Beaner told me there was a black mark on the running line and if I was getting out that far, I was casting some line.......I saw the black mark outside the tip of the rod-I smiled.

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By fallen513
Berkley Big Game 40 lb = running line.
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By Lando
It's supposed to snow until Friday....if the new line doesn't show by then, I'm breaking out the Amnesia.
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By yard4sale
Amnesia works just fine.

What did you order?

I'm off to fish with an old man and a conspiracy theorist for the rest of the week but can send you some ridge line when I get back. It's a poly coated type so you lose some distance but it's much easier to learn with.
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By fallen513
The AF ridge 30 is my favorite by far for handling. Basically braid core small diameter fly line.
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