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Do you listen to music on the water?

Yes, and I'm a dirty hippie stoner.
Yes, and I don't even smoke the weed.
No, and I'm a dirty hippie stoner.
No, and I clearly don't smoke the weed.
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By Spudnik
Curiosity got the best of me... provide insight, if you will.
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By Woolybug25
I voted that I do, even though 95% of the time I don't.

The options presented don't have the "I am a dirty hippy stoner that will occasionally dig my jams on the water" option.
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By austrotard
don't let this place get all like those swimmy fags over at wff or some shit.
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By BigTimber
Insight.....yes, when things are slow on the flats and I can't get into a groove, nothing like some music to pass the time and cool my nerves.
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By befuddled
BigTimber wrote:Insight.....yes, when things are slow on the flats and I can't get into a groove, nothing like some music to pass the time and cool my nerves.
I've been fairly unsuccessful getting one daughter into tailing fish, which she wants really bad. Her best hookup including cutting the leader on an oyster garden. I keep a bluetooth speaker that can clip under the poling platform on hand.
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By Woolybug25
Split down the middle with both the marijuana cigarettes and the jams.

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By Spicytuna
This is great!!!

So far Stoners for the win :cheer :cheer :cheer :cheer :cheer :cheer
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By Redchaser
Spicytuna wrote:This is great!!!

So far Stoners for the win :cheer :cheer :cheer :cheer :cheer :cheer
The old curmudgeons have pulled ahead.
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By trouthound
Not passing judgement and I do love music but I never even considered music an option while trouting, I don't get out doors enough so when I do I love the sound of the creek/river, leaves underfoot, critters...whatever.

IN the salt I had a different experience. I bought a used bay boat a few years back and it came with prewired speakers and a old(boat is a 2006) stereo. I thought, on the water running around form spot to spot. Turned it on, it worked OK for a few weeks, wasn't the best sound and no ability to hook up my phone/ipod. One time I turned it on and had crazy static crunching through the speakers, fooled with it for about 2 minutes, thought to myself WTF are you doing..I unhooked it and threw in the trash. If I was hitting sandbars and hanging out drinking i'd probably have a different approach.
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By Spicytuna
Dang it!! We got smoked, literally and figuratively.

:gun :gun :gun

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