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I gotta get this off my chest. I'm an Alaskan resident of 39 years
and a wage slave. But what happened this winter chaps my ass.

Alaska's largest electric utility, Chugach Electric was planning
to install a dam (or series) of dams on the upper Kenai river.
They've been quietly for the past few summers surveying
the area of Snow River, a tributary.
Thanks to the efforts of David Lisi, Peninsula Rivers Conservancy

This project came to a grinding halt.

Details of their dam project: ... -paradise/

After all the shit you people in the lower 48 have went
through, some people up here are hell bent on trashing
"You people"?

We're a non-hate based, multicultural, non-geographical or ethnicity biased bunch of tree hugging, dope smoking hippies who like dogs and muddler minnows. There's some debate regarding where we stand on the Skagit v. Scandi rulings but keep your hate out of our forums.
Thank you to everyone for your tremendous support! We've got some even more exciting news coming in 2017 & 2018!

how the fuck does one know what type of news they shall have?
though I suppose you getting cancer of the bollocks could be considered somewhat exciting in 2018.

by the by, you're welcome.
my support is rather tremendous, hey.
I don't get it. so are you butt hurt that the project got canned?

where do I get some dam bait?!
we already have a d-wayne.

fuck off... or you can hang about and we'll fuck with all your accounts.

and if you think I'm joking have a search about for that last cunt (that felt best to leave).
are those Vienna sausages?

Good Stuff right there-thank you sir.

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