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By fatman
CharlieJenkem wrote: Sun Oct 08, 2017 7:26 pm viewtopic.php?f=5&t=22620&start=24
Chapter 24 got me jonesin'. I think I've got a pack of Hebrew National in the freezer.

not ghey, mind... :smile
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By pbrstreetgang
LenH1 wrote: Sat Oct 07, 2017 9:55 pm50 best streams
50 best streams
- to kick a fish back into
- to hotspot for the sake of promoting yourself (and it still isn't working)
- to lure boys to in the name of rehabilitation
- to sit beside and forget how you ran while a woman was beaten
- to throw an award given to you for bravery when you left your partner behind
- on which to find other losers from DTA

Fuck off Len, you're full
By LenH1
October 1991

There was a sick up so I was pulled off patrol into the jail.
The originally assigned deputy on that floor was 5'6". The smallest
male deputy in the entire department.

I was assigned to the high security pre-sentencing wing.
This is where the high risk inmates awaiting the possibility
of long sentences were housed.

It was a 8 person cellblock designed to hold 8 high risk inmates.  It held 12 that night.
Four were housed on the floor sleeping on mattresses.
There were 2 bathrooms cells open for the floor inmates. This
means 6 people were not locked in a cell for 11 pm headcount.

Me being the senior deputy I had my partner who had just finished
training stay outside the cellblock and run the doors while I went in
the cellblock and counted inmates and checked for their safety and

I had no weapon or pepper spray.  I had no radio.  I entered the cellblock
with a mag light to shine in the dark cellblocks to count inmates.  I was way in the back of the cellblock.  I had stepped over the inmates on the floor to conduct head count.

My partner was in charge of the doors while I went inside.  It happened very quickly and the next thing I saw was an inmate charging the door and he knocked my partner to floor outside the cellblock and have her pinned to the floor outside the block.

I exited the cellblock to aid my partner.  I did not know at that time it was a attempted jail escape.  All I wanted to do was get out and assist my rookie partner.  

As I exited the cellblock I attempted to slam the cellblock door behind me.  There was an inmate that wedged himself in the cellblock doorway and I was unable to close the door and assist my partner 15 feet from me being pinned on the floor by an inmate. 

The inmate wedged in the doorway had a 15 pound 3 foot wooden cribbage board with sharpened stakes glued in the end of the board.  The long wooden club looked like a medieval weapon with spikes protruding. The inmate struck me in the forehead with the weapon while I was trying to secure the door. The rest gets kinda cloudy.

The inmates took my mag light away from me.  I remember being struck numerous times by multiple inmates in the head with the cribbage board and my own mag light. I remember one vicious hit to the head with the mag light that caused me to fold and fall to the ground.  My partner was still only 10-15 feet from me being held down by an inmate.

I was fighting so hard with 2 inmates the third that held my partner down came to assist in knocking me out or killing me. He left my tiny female partner there.  She saw her opportunity and jumped up and hit the panic alarm in a nearby isolation area.

The reinforcements arrived shortly thereafter.  I was on the floor being beat when they arrived.  16 hours later she was released by inmates that took her hostage when she ran to hit the panic alarm in a nearby section of the jail.

I was taken to the hospital by ambulance to have my head sutured up and to have a catscan and mri on my head. I stayed for 4 hours before my supervisors saw my head and accessed my injuries. I was then placed on a stretcher and taken lights and siren to the hospital. I took 7 hits to the head by the mag light and the cribbage board.  My head looked like the rocky mountains due to the strikes to the head.

after the fact and a few days later I learned the one that the inmate who tackled my partner had suckered he into getting a plastic spoon from him and when she looked down he blasted the cellblock door into her.  The door was to be secured while I was inside but she failed to do so.  This inmate was in the block for weapons charges and ended up hanging himself later when his appeals ran out.

The guy with the cribbage board was 6'03" 200 pounds and he was awaiting sentencing on multiple armed burglary charges. He also was awaiting sentencing for being caught by an elderly couple burglarizing their home. The burglar buried a hatchet in the elderly male that caught him in his house and then fled.  DNA from his hat caught the offended later.  This guy was looking at the potential of spending the rest of his life in jail before his attempted escape and battery on 2 police officers.

The second guy that took my mag light away from me while the ax murderer was beating me was 6 feet tall 300 pounds.  He was pending kidnapping and escape charges.  This is the one that thought my head was a drum and it was his job to play it with a mag light.

All three were sentenced to life without parole initially but after appeal they all got 125 years each.

She quit about 3 months later.  I healed up after about 6 months and was put on light duty and later cleared to go back to work.

pbr street gang....maybe you can be their bitch when you end up in prison?
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By pbrstreetgang
Hey man - you have to live with your actions. We don't. Keep telling your story. I bet it makes it easier to believe.

Furthermore, your writing is fucking garbage. Here, your blog, the shit you've posted across the internet, and in your shitty little books. You are contributing nothing with it, except the depletion of materials that could involved with useful products - like shit tickets.

The article in the papers about you and this incident remind me of when folks were given certain medals/citations based on their rank during Desert Shield/Desert Storm. Apparently, sometimes they are just required to hand out medals, regardless of what actions were/were not performed.

By LenH1
pbrstreetgang wrote: Wed Nov 01, 2017 9:09 am

Furthermore, your writing is fucking garbage. Here, your blog, the shit you've posted across the internet, and in your shitty little books. You are contributing nothing with it, except the depletion of materials that could involved with useful products - like shit tickets.
My shitty little books are terrible.

I save all the proceeds from the 2 books.

Late 2014 I bought my wife a new car with cash.

Middle of 2015 my wife and I went on a modest vacation.

I paid cash for entire 2 week vacation in Europe.

I will spare you the photos.

I was thinking of changing my handle to spatenstreetgang?

Think it would give me some street creds and improve my writing skills?
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