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By LenH1
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now you whiny children will have to hate me for another reason.
guess you could fall back on the real reason.
I am fat and half crippled and can still out fish you on your best day.
I can live with those reasons but not a fabricated lie.
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Do us all a favor and post the original uncropped photo, I wanna see how many double chins you can fit into one hero shot.

All I got out of your boring ass story is that your arrogance is matched only by your incompetence.

Lets see:

-No weapon, no pepper spray, no walkie (so no backup), No lights on in the overcrowded cell block holding violent high risk offenders.

-A rookie manning the cell block door. Which of course wasn't locked behind you as you entered the overcrowded cell block with no backup.

-A giant fuckall cribbage board that, much like the fish you catch, gets bigger every time the story is told. Oh yeah with spikes glued on...

Yeah why don't I just mosey on in with my flashlight and do a head count. For fuck sake...

Sounds like you deserved what you got.

Another fucksicle bragging about making wonga from their how to guide book. This douche even bags on dying print media while simultaneously bragging about all the money he's making off of it. lol

Fuck the fuck off

Sincerely New Drakian

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By austrotard
len is a prime example of what the fuck is wrong with your country.

this is what happens when you hand feed a person from cradle to grave.
you've got yourself a big throbbing embryo of fucking retard. and for what? so you can have another number.
and then you tell it it has a voice. and rights. and it needs to be heard.

sepps is a fucking experimental disaster.
after reading his shit if you think all men are created equal you should be euthanised as well.

I cannot wait for this coward to drop dead. and he will.
and I'll visit peebs and we'll tr a pissing on his grave.
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By LA Fly Guy
austrotard wrote: Thu Jan 18, 2018 7:24 pm .......and I'll visit peebs and we'll tr a pissing on his grave.

Now that would be a TR worthy of more than one star. I can't wait.
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By pbrstreetgang
Why on Earth do I need to read a story about more corruption from law enforcement? Or was Joel Wagner the guy who got in and dragged the female officer you left behind?
Polish your plaque any way you want. I don't give a shit.
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LenH1 wrote: Sat Jan 20, 2018 4:15 pm
pbrstreetgang wrote: Sat Jan 20, 2018 3:41 pm will there be a cribbage board and running shoes as well?
your source Mr. Anderson ... /687226821
My intro was so terrible, I often wonder how I slipped in to this place. It must have been the stars aligning. If I had been met with the level of opposition Spinner has, and right off the bat, I would have gotten really pissed, wrote some shit, and given up, much like I did on

The difference is, Len has been logging in and getting hazed for almost a decade, there has never been even one thread he has posted on that has not been firebombed into oblivion. I have no idea why he even bothers, yet he keeps walking into the guns, over and over, and over, and over.
whatcha tying?

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