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By shunned
was a Vision Hippie Stick... it had Thunder Trucks and Vision Blurrs 92A's or some shit. I can't remember the rest.

fucking good times in '87.
My first was a Valailly (sp) Barn yarder . with indies and swiss .I think the wheels were rat bones . Traded it for a 76 Reggie Jackson card . My current ass breaking shin cracker is a Zero .
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By Bruiser
My first good skateboard was a Bahne. With tracker trucks and road riders. 1976? I guess Tony Alva must be 47 or 48 years old by now anyway.
I never got into skating until my mid 20's. The band I worked with had/has a warehouse for rehearsals. They built a half pipe in it. I broke my ass & a few fingers on that bitch. :Roll Eyes
I still have my last board. Someone gave it to me once. It's a birdhouse with ind. trucks. I didn't ride it much. The kids play with it now.

When I was little (mid 70's) I had an orange plastic board with metal wheels. Bought at K-MART I'm sure by my parents. I rode that a bunch at a gas station next door.
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Bruiser wrote:My first good skateboard was a Bahne. With tracker trucks and road riders. 1976? I guess Tony Alva must be 47 or 48 years old by now anyway.
Thats funny I went to school with his daughter and dated her.....they lived three doors down. My first board was also a Bahne.( Bahne's daughter...not Alva's) It been a long time since I heard that name....LOL
My first board was a hawk with G&S trucks, back in 1982.

My current boards are a arbor cruiser and a consolidated. Friend in the industry keeps me well stocked. They just opened a cement park right down the road from me with 6 awesome bowls. All the kids stay on the street course. It makes me laugh.

I'll start hitting it a 6:30 am on the way to work once school starts.
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By jerome
it was hard to skate on gravel, dirt, mud and grass..... plus the road i grew up on wasnt flat top until i was a sr. in h.s.
My first board was a wooden fucker about 1970. My first real factory skateboard was in about 1973, it was glass i think real soft in the middle. that was probably the only board that did not sent me to the emergency room. :coffee
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By badcop
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Fluro yellow Independent trucks, can't remember the wheels. I'll be honest and accept the abuse but I think they were pink. :bullshit

Got a Neighborhood 'Matinez' in the cupboard, venture trucks. still in good nick. Got me thinkin about this bowl I saw the other day. Hmmmm. Maybe :bullshit
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By shunned
haven't seen one of these in 20yrs until tonight...
its like seeing an old friend again.jpg
its like seeing an old friend again.jpg (31.92 KiB) Viewed 2436 times
I had a membership to a skatepark up to about three years ago.

I was standing on the deck of a mini half, just finished a run, watching all these little kids shread, when my back locked up. i dropped to the deck, and practically crawled to my car...they were all laughing at me, calling me old.

Chiro three tiems a week for two months to fix it. I fuckin hurt. everytime i'd leave the which doctors office, I'd get in the car, step on the clutch, and BAM...Pain again. It sucked.

Haven't skated much since then.
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