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By Highsticken
Maple smoked/flavor bacon ? My effen house smells like a fucken sugar shack . After my bride put on the first lay down , I sniffed something amiss . I thought the bacon was "tainted" . I also pondered the risks and rewards of eating the tainted bacon .
No Go Bro . my sto-match is weaker than my soul . I'll loose it thrice gutting a nice buck . Imagine what rotten swine could do ?

Fucking shit was nasty . I'm farting candy maple leafs .
One pound down one to go . Fucken BOGO's .
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I think it's Jimmy Dean that makes a maple sausage link...that shit is heaven. Bacon, on the other hand, I like plain, aside from crushed peppercorn bacon.

I am a breakfast pro, we cook huge breakfasts every Saturday and Sunday, great way to spend the first few hours with your family, hanging out and eating a big meal. I won't eat again until 6 at night on those 2 days.
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Ham, now that's something we haven't explored as a breakfast food. Steaks are good with breakfast......hmmm. Maybe I will have the wife pick some up for this weekend.
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By Sagittarius62
Virginia country ham, on a southern style biscuit. Two of them give you about 30 days of your RDA of sodium. Make gravy out of the pan drippings. Now we're talkin'. The only thing I miss about living in VA. Southern food is the best.

Maple bacon? Not so much.
By Darth Wader
I'd just like to state for the record that the best breakfast known to mankind is a big slice of cold apple pie, a big pile of bacon, and a big mug of coffee.
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By West Chester
Try grilled pepperoni and cheese on a bagel Now thats yum!

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