By Henry's Fork Dork
Costs will never be contained without solid tort reform. It will never happen. The doctor-patient relationship is fundamentally defensive at this point in time. There is a lot of talk about doctors ordering tests to make money. I think most would tell you they are doing it to help protect themselves against litigation for missing that one rare cases that would cost millions.
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By eponymous
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By eponymous
ditchdoc wrote:Nice blouse. Bet it looks good on you.
Looked pretty good on your wife last night. Though not for very long.......

(Sorry about that Ditch, but that was a belt high fastball.)
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By Rhyacophila
ditchdoc wrote:HaHa. I'm not married.
That's funny, I remember you posting stuff about your wife on hear befour.

ditchdoc wrote:The wife and I made our annual trip to the near West. Did the trip in reverse this year--Carbondale, Colorado first then North to the area of Pinedale, Wy. I'm lucky to have some in-laws who are more wealthy than I, who have a condo on some private ground with very good water on it. We've been invited out the last couple of years. ...

ditchdoc wrote:Ah, the yearly welfare check> Funny about that. My wife and I chose to not have children, for various reasons. Other people have kids--by choice. That's cool. But, why should those people get extra tax breaks for making that choice? The more kids you have--the more break you get? They put a burden on the local school system by having more kids, but pay the same tax rate for schools as someone with no kids. Talk about welfare. Don't misunderstand. I believe in education. I don't mind paying taxes to support schools. What I don't believe in is people talking about socialism and big government and welfare, like they don't benefit from it. Heero, I hope you get your check. D-nymph, Pammy ain't blowin ya. No fellatio welfare there.

ditchdoc wrote:Oldog,

Nah, we're not old. We've just got good memories. Some people think youth is wasted on the young. My wife still asks me when am I going to grow up. I say, hopefully-never. Ditch
Sew, witch is it - you gotta wife, or no?
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By eponymous
Almost went with yo mama instead of your wife but I thought that would be crossing the line.
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By Rhyacophila
eponymous wrote:Almost went with yo mama instead of your wife but I thought that would be crossing the line.
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By eponymous
Rhyacophila wrote:
eponymous wrote:Almost went with yo mama instead of your wife but I thought that would be crossing the line.
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