If you're not proud...

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Re: If you're not proud...

Post by Ricky Bobby » Tue Sep 22, 2009 7:54 am

The Volfish wrote: Why has the elephant in the room not been talked about seriously? TORT REFORM is key to reducing costs.
Just a quick note on tort reform...

Texas passed a law about 5 Years ago, that limited medical liability to $200,000 dollars. They billed this to be the main reason why your insurance costs so much and that it would also lower doctors medical liability insurance... It was supposed to take 2 years to basically see results, due to the fact they still had multi-million dollars cases that where still being heard.

Well, five years later and nothing has changed, except the fact that if a doctor cuts off your arm on accident, you can only get $200,000 for that mistake...

I saw the writing on the wall with this one. The only people who made out with this new law was the insurance companies... Im not against them making money, with out making money you would have insurance, but what I dont like is being told this is the answer, and it wasnt...

In theory it should have worked, but unless those companies passed on the savings nothing will change, and they dont have to pass on the savings...
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Re: If you're not proud...

Post by The Volfish » Tue Sep 22, 2009 9:03 am

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Re: If you're not proud...

Post by BigCliff » Tue Sep 22, 2009 10:25 am

I would too if I made my money by serving interests of customers who pay me to.

Tort reform might help the situation, but its far from being the key.
President Barack Obama used tort reform on medical malpractice cases as an overture to Republican lawmakers who've been reluctant to support Democrat ideas on health care overhaul.

The facts, however, indicate it will take much more than tort reform to drive down health care costs. Already 27 states have passed such legislation and the cost of health care is still going up.

Texas voters five years ago approved tort reform capping medical malpractice cases at $250,000. To be sure, it's helped bring more doctors into the state.

But Medicare spending in Texas rose 24 percent in the three years after the state capped malpractice awards. In Dallas, it went up 27 percent during the same period, 2003 to 2006, according to the Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy.

Families USA, a consumer advocate group in Washington, found health care premiums in Texas increased 86.8 percent from 2000 to 2007.
The cost of the average family health insurance policy went from $6,638 to $12,403.
http://economywatchblog.dallasnews.com/ ... t-ref.html
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Re: If you're not proud...

Post by Upsetter » Tue Sep 22, 2009 12:17 pm

Caps on rewards for malpractice lawsuits are total bullshit, the texas law is total bullshit. This is how you deal with tort reform, on the front end.


This review panel, which I have been involved with, has saved providers and inscos millions in the decade it has been around. Most of the savings come from the parties sitting down and negotiating a settlement in good faith cause the review panel is overseeing the effort. This differs from the often times bullshit efforts inscos make to settle a case cause some attorney far, far away, who may have never even litigated anything in MT is making decisions on strictly actuarial, risk projection based thought processes. In other words, if they think they can stick it to the claimant, they will try their damndest to do so. This process makes the lawsuit more human, puts the claimant and insco in the same room, and provides oversight by a panel comprised of both attorneys and medical professionals to guide the process, ensuring shenanigans are at a minimum.

Most importantly though, the savings dont come from telling a family whose oldest son died at high school age cause of an allergic reaction the providers negligently didnt see coming, that his life is only worth 200k. THAT is total bullshit. The savings come from settling out where agreement can be had or dismissing clear cut cases where the claim is frivolous.

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Re: If you're not proud...

Post by befuddled » Thu Oct 01, 2009 11:49 pm

I've seen and read quotes from place after place and can honestly UNDERSTAND peoples' IDEOLOGICAL mistrust of so called government run healthcare and the public option. But I have personal experiences that might help illuminate why folks like me would be in support of "Obama Care".

For >12 years I worked for the state but had privatized insurance. I paid more and more every year and less and less benefit. This was a trend that continued, consecutively, for ten years. Basically I had to pay in the neighborhood of $9500 (~6000 to cover us, plus a deductible that went from 350 each in year 1 to almost 1500 each in year 8) for insurance for me and my family. Also, the so called "choice of doctors" was a complete illusion. Our family doctor was basically whomever came from a list that the provider gave us. But we never met the deductible, even when we never missed a scheduled appointment. So insurance was a wash. Wasted money.

Then when my youngest was born, she was born very, very early. Like brink of death early. Insurance would have left us bankrupt. BUT, it just so happened that North Carolina had a program, started years ago, where newborns under certain metrics lived in the hospital until they out of the water. You didn't pay what you couldn't live with, it was all budgeted as part of the program. Of course we still didn't choose the doctor, but she got great care and got out of the hospital without even any loss of sight or lung function. Which is to say she got fucking exceptional care. The reason for the program was that even couples where both spouses made 100K or more still couldn't afford care like this and would, quite literally, be bankrupt within days of the child's birth if they depended on what their insurance companies would cover. The government cut the insurance companies out of the picture altogether to provide the care.

So, for me at least, it's a choice between a "private, free(er) market" choice where everybody gets screwed year after year until they actually need the insurance they pay for and it's all of a sudden making itself as scarce as a monogamous politician, or a government run system that actually provides care, on the budget it is given (much of which doesn't come directly from tax payer dollars).

Health Insurance companies are just like home and car insurance companies. They make money by screwing you every way from Sunday and then disappearing when it's time for you to recover on the "benefit" you've been paying for. So yeah, I think government healthcare can work, and I sure as hell don't mind paying a little more for something I actually see some benefit in having. Which I NEVER did with private insurance.

If my daughter was a drag on the system and basically paid for by tax payer dollars (which isn't where a lot of the money came from btw), then it sure as hell wasn't ameliorated by the private system that sucks money out but never pays up for anything beyond routine checks and vaccines, which I could have paid for personally and saved about 9/10 of what I paid.

To hell with healthcare the way it is set up now. It's a fucking racket and the unseen branch of government (lobbyists) are paid well to make sure nobody concentrates on that over the idea of "government taking over" something

edit to give the short version of what I'm getting at:

you know how they say the problem with politics is all the damn politicians?

Well, the problem with healthcare are the damn healthcare providers.
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Re: If you're not proud...

Post by Ty Webb » Fri Oct 02, 2009 2:49 pm

bump because nobody else can post


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Re: If you're not proud...

Post by SLSS » Sat Oct 03, 2009 11:16 am

Ty Webb wrote:bump because nobody else can post

Ty, I don't even know what I'm doing down here in the sub-basement, but for once I'm glad I am, and for maybe the third time, we agree. :cool
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Re: If you're not proud...

Post by Rhyacophila » Sat Oct 03, 2009 11:46 am

dems nice

not dems like dems, but dems like doze, daze reely nice
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Re: If you're not proud...

Post by Lenny » Sat Oct 03, 2009 7:14 pm

I wore a similar pair of undies after my vasectomy to support my jimmies.
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Re: If you're not proud...

Post by Rhyacophila » Sat Oct 03, 2009 10:14 pm

Curtis & Leroy saw an ad in the Starkville Daily News Newspaper in Starkville, MS. and bought a mule for $100.

The farmer agreed to deliver the mule the next day.

The next morning the farmer drove up and said, "Sorry, fellows, I have some bad news, the mule died last night."

Curtis & Leroy replied, "Well, then just give us our money back."

The farmer said, "Can't do that. I went and spent it already."

They said, "OK then, just bring us the dead mule."

The farmer asked, "What in the world ya'll gonna do with a dead mule?"

Curtis said, "We gonna raffle him off."

The farmer said, "You can't raffle off a dead mule!"

Leroy said, "We shore can! Heck, we don't hafta tell nobody he's dead!"

A couple of weeks later, the farmer ran into Curtis & Leroy at the Piggly Wiggly grocery store and asked.

"What'd you fellers ever do with that dead mule?"

They said,"We raffled him off like we said we wuz gonna do."

Leroy said,"Shucks, we sold 500 tickets fer two dollarsapiece and made a profit of $898."

The farmer said,"My Lord, didn't anyone complain?"

Curtis said, "Well, the feller who won got upset. So we gave him his two dollars back."

Curtis and Leroy now work for the government.

They're overseeing the Bailout Program. Also were asked to be the head of ACORN as they are having trouble now.
I guess being fat and ugly isn't enough for the powder monkey - hes got to be an asshole too. (RvW)

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Re: If you're not proud...

Post by Woolybug25 » Sun Oct 04, 2009 12:45 am

Lenny wrote:I wore a similar pair of undies after my vasectomy to support my jimmies.
I never post down here because of principal, but that shit is funny.... mostly because I am pretty sure its true. :cool
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