Utah's up coming stream access fight.

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Utah's up coming stream access fight.

Post by fishsnoop » Tue Sep 22, 2009 2:15 pm

I am no attorney or politician but somehow I have been involved with a year long battle about Utah's stream access (easement). After many meetings and many more emails and phone calls the time is drawing near that we will see language on a proposed bill to define the easement granted by the Utah Supreme Court.
Representative Lorie Fowlke from Orem, Utah has been holding informal meetings throughout the spring and summer bringing all sides to the table to voice their needs and concerns. To date she has not released any language but we expect it soon. After meeting with her in August she was leaning toward a low water mark or wet boot scenario?? We have pressed her about that issue and I am looking for ideas that would compell her to avoid that. Ordinary high water mark is the only way I feel she can go and still incorporate the portage (safety) issues and access in one bill. Googling low water and wet boot brings no valid answer and unfortunately the request by me to do tours with Representatives has fallen on mostly deaf ears.
RStrouts came out to Utah from Colorado back in July to join me in meetings with Utah Farm Bureau and at meetings with Rep. Fowlke. He has been well educated by Upsetter on these issues and is fighting hard for another states law due to the trickle affect it could have for Colorado.
We have been told that the same sage brush caucus that brought last years HB187 will again be looking to reverse the USC decision but again they have been very secretive and have not held any public meetings regarding the issue.
We were able to bring the Utah Association of Realtors to a neutral position last year and I think the same can be said for the Utah Farm Bureau come the next session. What I am fearful of is the unknown. Do any of you have any advise for me that you would wish to email me or post here? Anything to look out for from you experienced fellers?
We have also hired a lobbyist who is well connected on the Republican front who is also a fisherman, that will be able to help us win but we are still about $16,000.00 shy of his fee after raising about $14,000.00 to date. Do any of those national gear companies have any interest in helping with that fee? Does anyone know people willing to help? I am a small business owner and in these hard economic times I am struggling to continue this fight. My available time is shrinking due to laying off employees and cutting hours and the lobbyist is the only way I can see to insure we give ourselves the best shot at winning. Any thoughts on this issue would be highly appreciated.
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Re: Utah's up coming stream access fight.

Post by DayTripper » Tue Sep 22, 2009 2:32 pm

You might be better served to post this in the main forum.

Keep fighting the good fight :cool

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