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By Plow
Rather than raise all our taxes and kill this country Obama should sell the remote feeds from the upcoming airport scanners. I can see sitting in a bar or at home for hours watching this thing - women feed only. Give me a little button to push when I see something suspicious cause we know TSA won't be doing their job.

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By West Chester
I have a direct feed right to my house
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By eponymous
West Chester wrote:I have a direct feed right to my house
Is that a gun in the crack of your ass or are you just happy to see me?
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By stripstrike
She could fit a midget with an M240 in that ass crack. :vomit
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By befuddled
well fuck if me and Plow don't agree 100% on this.

sort of like an alternative to mandatory enlistment, serve by watching keeping the skys safe!

But it does sort of beg the philosophical question, would you be sickened by seeing a drug mule (even a female one) with a bag of dope up her ass, or have fun being the one who pushes the button and gets them searched?

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