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By KilgoreTrout
#286103 ... g-z1g7g-s1

I googled him and read quite a bit. I have to say, for someone who keeps up with military issues quite regularly, this was the first I've heard of him.

As a former Infantryman, my heart goes out to him and his family. The politically-correct rules of engagement can be a motherfucker when turned against a good soldier. It makes me want to retch to think of some non-combat arms POS sentencing this poor guy to 25 years. There is a long tradition in the US Army of hanging low-ranking enlisted men and officers out to dry.

Fuck, for all I care, Behenna could have executed the fucker in cold blood. Doesn't bother me in the least. Let his bomb-making ass fucking rot with his 72 virgins.
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By ditchdoc
As usual the REMF's get it completely wrong. Instead of giving the soldier a medal, they put him in jail. Not good for morale. Not good for enlistments. Not good for the Army. And now it's probably going to be covered up.
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By ditchdoc
Rusty Hook wrote:If the story is true, he executed a prisoner.
We don't give medals for that.

There is an appeal underway.
More about that here.
Sorry Rusty, but I don't think those links shed much light on this. The articles I've read on this point to the need for a new trial, at minimum. I don't know whether the guy is innocent or not, but he should get the justice he deserves.
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