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A teleprompter is a great tool to keep Americans happy. Otherwise he would be responding like i would, something like "you in the back shut the fuck up while i am talking, motherfuckers better get your shit together and work together so we can get something done, You elite motherfuckers aint gonna be so elite when we get done overhauling your asses". Remember the 1000 points of light speech,by GH Bush teleprompted. those were 1000 muzzel flashes.
By gadflyfisher
Mattb wrote:
West Chester wrote:Seriously, when will this guy learn to give a speech with a few notes and quit the whiplash from looking back and forth at the two screens ... ross-aisle

Seems like he does OK without a teleprompter. Too bad it's probably the last we'll see of this sort of thing after the drubbing the Repubs took.
And may I add a heart felt thanks to fair and balanced Fox News for cutting away from his live responses so one of their commentators could tell me what he said and what he really meant.
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By m.b.
why the hell would you watch fox news? everyone knows they're biased unlike ABC, NBC, and CBS.

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we are told by the news media , what they want us to know, right wing ,left wing. I want the truth as inconveinient as it may be which would be no wing :coffee
By gadflyfisher
m.b. wrote:why the hell would you watch fox news? everyone knows their biased unlike ABC, NBC, and CBS.

Shits and giggles.

But really where else gives the facts and lets you decide?
Who knew that the way to do that was to cut away from something happening live so a commentator could tell you what is going on.
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