The tea party flakes and their ilk who believe that justices don't make the law must believe in the tooth fairy and the easter bunny...they are the law that is 5/4. Scat Man Scalia went hunting on corporate land on corporate plane with a company soon to be before the Court...no big deal no appearance of impropriety...true when you make the law for you...but not so for other lesser federal judges. Anyone who thinks the there is financial parity between mega corporations and paper tiger trade unions needs to review accounting 101. No... parent foreign, as in off shore not different state, corporations don't pay us taxes. We don't need political parties, elections or politicians or justices or judges just corporate roller ball and then when the corporate trilaterals take over where will the tea party flakes be...behind the oak trees conducting the revolution with there gun show camo and chinese AKs...I think not...that 5/4 decision has the equivalent social and political sense as Plessy

Happy to tie up a few of these for the tackle box.[…]

Mitch buggered him. Heart attack soon followed.

Winter steelhead fly swap 2019

Inspired by the swap. 9B7D3411-99F9-4DC9-A62[…]

Bourbon drinkers


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