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By West Chester
troutsnot wrote:Sit on your hands Good Ol' Boys....

A couple of things I picked up from last evening.

Obama said-

"Lets take 30 billion that Wallstreet banks have re-paid and give it to small banks so they can extend credit to help small banks stay afloat"
No response from the Right, sit on your hands and scowl.
And then punish small banks for taking government funds like the big banks

"If these firms can afford to pay big bonuses again, they can afford the modest fee to pay back the tax payers who rescued them in their time of need"
No response from the Right, sit on your hands and scowl.
The large majority have paid back

Obama- " it is finally time to slash the tax breaks for companies that ship jobs overseas, and give those tax breaks to those that companies that create jobs right here in the United states of America".
No Response, sit on your hands and scowl.
Do you want to pay 3x the price of items?

Boehner, Cantor, McCain, Smarmy disrespectful fucks. I don't give a fuck how you think of feel on an issue, or a political party you respect the office at the State of the Union. I heard that Boehner actually raised his hand when Obama said, if anyone on the right has a better idea let me know? McCain mouthed the words "blame it on bush" and shook his head when BO was stating fact of the numbers he inherited. Wasn't Mccain Bashing Bush on Campaign trail a year and 1/2 ago or so.
Fuck McCain, he is no more Conservative that BigLib, Boehner, maybe Obama should have listened to his suggestion, and McCain was stating a fact, BHO blamed bush 3 times I believe in the State of the Campaign speech

It was Limbaugh who said when bush was in office,that liberals should "shut up, because elections have consequences"
Thank goodness Limbaugh is a private citizen, not a politician

So I say to all the fucks present last night, Right and left, there, if you do not have anything constructive to bring to the table, shut the fuck up, or you can crawl out from under the table, pull out your fucking pacifiers, quit your pouting, wipe your tears off on the shit stained carpet, change your tampon, and show some class. But then again, it is easier to be smarmy and just say no. Then again, Why not, the Nascar, frightened Joe Beer can sheep are following in droves. Don't worry boys, keep those hands warm, you just may get your chance to save the world with all your great ideas that your hiding from all of us in 3 short years.
Apparently you believe that the people are dumb as well. Sometimes doing nothing is better than ding something half-ass'd.
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