shows what you know....that last thread wasn't in TX. I spent more time living in FL than I have in TX since i showed up around here.

why the fuck would i waste time and money trout fishing when i have three oceans to fish in? and yes, i know what a spey rod is. i've got friends that own outfitters in CO where i can fish for free anytime i want. i just have no interest in it.

anymore brilliant comments you'd like to make?
I guess your politics are just like your fishing. You feel your style is elite and have no interest in what other people think. I guess people that fish freshwater are somehow delusional. Good point.
[quote="Woolybug25"]btw - a democrat put us on the moon.[/quote]

If only today's democrats were more like that particular democrat....one of my all time heros.


Dude , we are broke, somethings gotta give. I dont give a shit what the moon is like or whats going on with the liquid waste in the space station. If we had money it would beanother story. maybe we can sell it. :coffee

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