By gadflyfisher
Spudnik wrote:
gadflyfisher wrote:Or is it that people don't have discretionary income for the project but given the means are eager to do it.
Estimated median household income in 2008: $57,231 (it was $44,748 in 2000)

Boulder: $57,231
Colorado: $56,993

Estimated per capita income in 2008: $39,659

Estimated median house or condo value in 2008: $530,100 (it was $272,200 in 2000)
Boulder: $530,100
Colorado: $242,200

gadflyfisher wrote: Maybe the tax was not high enough.
You're being serious, aren't you? More taxes will solve just about anything, huh?
Yes I am being serious. Did I ever say I was for more taxes? What I said was that maybe the tax imposed was not enough to make it happen.
By gadflyfisher
West Chester wrote:
slavetotheflyrod wrote:
don't wanna pay $21 a year to reduce your cities carbon footprint? - Don't move to Boulder
The $21 doesn't reduce your carbon footprint though...
Thought you said it dropped 1%.
By gadflyfisher
This tax wasn't imposed on these people by guvco but rather something they voted in favor of having. At least that is what you posted. What is your problem with democracy?
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By slavetotheflyrod
Truth be told, Plow, I sometimes hear about what the locals are up to in Boulder and shake my head in disbelief. As the crow flies it's only about 20 miles from where I live, in reality though it's a bit like traveling to western Europe.

20 miles south is a whole nuther story alltogether.
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By BigCliff
slavetotheflyrod wrote:
West Chester wrote:There is a nobel prize winner living at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave... so whats your point?
My point has to do with the fact that Plow was making generalizations that the people of Boulder are the least useful and productive members of society, based in large part upon the fact that Boulder is perhaps the most liberal city in America. You can say what you want about Boulder, but I doubt there's any place in this country, let alone on this earth with a higher concentration of brilliant minds and world class athletes per capita. I don't care what your political beliefs are, you'd be hard pressed to make the argument PROVE that Boulder is home to the least productive and useful citizens our country has to offer.
Fixed. Plow is never hard-pressed to make an argument.
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For the record - Spudnick is a chubby, Axe Body Spray stinking, 20 ounce of hair gel wearing, DKNY outfitted, Jersey Guido.

continue. :coffee
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By BigCliff
Some amusement, an actual resume received for a receptionist spot in Boulder-
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By Spudnik
RFA wrote:For the record - Spudnick is a chubby, Axe Body Spray stinking, 20 ounce of hair gel wearing, DKNY outfitted, Jersey Guido.

continue. :coffee
Chubby? FUCK YOU!
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