Austin suicide pilot's rant:

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Re: Austin suicide pilot's rant:

Post by BigCliff » Wed Feb 24, 2010 9:28 am

I'll be continuing to spend no money on Newsweek. What a jackass-
[A]ccording to Newsweek's Managing Editor, only a foreigner who "protests the American government" can be a Terrorist. Americans cannot be. Indeed, according to her, "all foreign individuals bombing/shooting to protest American government" are "Terrorists," which presumably includes Muslims who fight against American armies invading their countries (which is how the U.S. Government uses the term, too). Meanwhile, Leftist Americans who engage in violence are "radicals," while those on the Right who do so are merely "protesters, survivalists, and separatists." Only anti-American foreigners can be Terrorists. That's really what she said.
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